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Monday, March 2, 2009

What is Filatov still doing in Syracuse?

I just caught this from the Syracuse Crunch blog:

Syracuse Crunch forward Nikita Filatov stopped in to see Syracuse Crunch coach Ross Yates on Monday.

Yates didn't like what he saw.

Yates said the rookie had obviously lost weight. Anyone who has seen Filatov knows he doesn't have much to lose.

Filatov has been ill for several weeks with what's believed to be a sinus infection. It has left him congested and weak. He was scheduled to see a doctor again on Monday to try to pin down what's going on.

My question is what is this kid still doing in Syracuse?

Look I'm no medical professional but how does a sinus infection knock you off your feet like this? There has to be something more serious going on with this kid.

If he's my prized prospect (and the #1 prospect in all of hockey according to THN) his butt is in Columbus getting closely monitored by the Jackets medical staff until he's healthy and ready to play.

I'm not screwing around.

Then again with the Jackets medical staff's track record maybe he should bypass Columbus and head straight to the Cleveland Clinic!



Hitch Rules said...

LTL: Like when we saw him at Boston's Pizza, during training camp, dude is lucky if he's a buck sixty five (165 lbs.), tops.

Just shut him down, for the year, get him on Barry B's strength program, now, and gear towards next year.

I know, don't get me started - but, please 'splain (explain) to me how Versus decides not to show the CBJ vs. the Blues, but, DOES show the Isles vs. the Avs, uh, the two last place teams in their respective conferences? Genius (heavy sarcasm, noted)...

Hitch Rules said...

And, in looking at your deft research, the CBJ TV ratings are 8th, the Blues are 9th - conversely, the Avs are 7th, but the Isles are next to last.

Ah Versus, priceless...

jemhuff said...

Oh sure, send him to Cleveland so he can get a staph infection too. ;-)

JuneyMoon said...

According to Lindsay Kramer, he has heard that his mother has arrived. At least maybe that will help with the weight loss aspect of this.

If Versus was going to show a game last night it was going to be that one. It was the only one scheduled. I can see scheduling lightly on Mondays during football season, but what's up with a light schedule in February and March?