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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Must listen!

Check out this original Blue Jackets song here.

Apparently the musician who put this together is known around town as "Psycho".

If you want to add it to your collection just right click the link above and click "save as" and it will download in .mp3 format.

How friggan cool is it that someone out there is putting together some original music for the Jackets?

This is great -- definitely give it a listen!



Hitch Rules said...

Sign this guy the hell up!

I think we found our rink entrance music - at least play it during the game.

I DO think, however, Skraut's "Ladies and Gentlemen" should be the entrance song/video.

I WILL forward this to one of their PA announcers, that I know.

Again, LTL, thanks as always for sharing with us!

Hitch Rules said...

I gotta get this off of my chest, before I lose it:

Again I ask: Can someone explain, for any reason, why Gimpman - err, Backman - played, after being a healthy scratch for 9 STRAIGHT GAMES. Better yet, why he sees the ice, at all, the remainder of the season.

I know Rome had a bit of a rough stretch, on Friday night, but even a bad Rome is loads better than that piece of $3.5 million garbage. Cut your losses and let him sit, PLU-EASE!

Also, why did Novotny, he of the awful TO against the Pens, play instead of Gratton, who played well against them, 1 week ago, at the Joe?

Is it any coincidence that those two lead to the 5 on 3 which really ended the game?

Was the coaching staff really trying to win by playing these two?

Kudos to Mike Arace for his piece on the Buckeye infusion on the JumboTron! Although I'm a proud alum, it's time to seperate, CBJ operations folks!

Then again, what do you expect for the same folks who, during a late, critical stretch during a game, when real energy is needed, they play SpongeBob SquarePants.

Fire someone, please!

Hitch Rules said...

Here's a video clip that deserves the Skraut treatment, from 12 stones: