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Friday, March 13, 2009

Jackets survive

A Picasso it wasn't but the Jackets found a way to grab another BIG two points to stay 6th in the West and build a 4 point cushion between 7th place.

I think Hitch described that game the best when he called the win a "relief".

The boys blew a 3 goal 3rd period lead in less than a 4 minute span.... they were dominated in the 2nd hafl of that third period... but they had Mase and Mase once again held this squad in it to give them a chance for the win.

...and where in the hell did all of those Penguins fans come from? Last time we played those guys a couple of seasons ago there were maybe 1000 of them. I guess that's what winning will do... Next time we play those guys at home circle your calendars Jacket fans and buy as many tickets as you can... no way we can let another fanbase take over our house like that again.


* He may have let in 3 goals but we don't win that game without Mase.. not a chance. He stopped 38 of 41 shots but his play late in the 3rd and in OT was spectacular.... that's not including the shootout when he stopped one of the best in the biz in Kris Letang and then the top two scorers in the league in Malkin/Crosby... All that said, they have to rest him tonight and take a chance with Dubie... kid needs a night off.

* Umberger-Vermette-Williams... I think we found some secondary scoring eh? This line came up big with the offense... how about Vermette? 4 points in his first 3 games as a Jacket.

* Although he was pointless I though Nash had a noticeable game.. he was real good on the PK and had good energy.. at least until that very last shift of his in OT. He led all forwards in ice time with 23 minutes.

* The Juice saved the point. Huselius scored a big first goal and then kind of vanished for a while... however he earned his paycheck in that shootout.. I've been waiting a while to see him rescue a point for us and he did that with a clutch goal...

* Some interesting coaching moves of note.. how about Hitch switching up the shootout order and putting Nash 2nd instead of 3rd in the order? Glad he called the TO and I liked the line shuffling in the 3rd as he tried to spark the offense... the man has such a great pulse on the game. Also a nice ceremony for him at the beginning of the game.. well deserved.

* Boys found a way to get two points.. really proud of the way they hung in there after blowing that lead and kept fighting and digging... that was a good team riding a big high and the Jackets found a way to beat them.

* Fleury was good.. he made a couple of outstanding stops to keep the game in range for his squad.

* A big green light goes out to John H. whom I met last night at the R Bar... he calls his condo the "blueline" b/c of all the CBJ gear hangin up and is the one ultimately responsible for creating "Jason" who is a close buddy of his.

* Speaking of "Jason"... great scene at the R Bar after game.. where oddly enough most of the Pens fans had already gone home... Jason on the bar roaring "LETS GO JACKETS!!" with every Jacket fan in the house chanting right along with him was somethin..!

* Vermette a stud in the circle.. he won 14 of 20 and some big defensive draws.

* Boys did a pretty good job of limiting the big guns for Pittsburgh... although Malkin and Crosby each collected 2 assists in that 3+ minute span. I tell ya what though, Crosby's vision out there is just flat out sick.

* Rusty and his stick handling... I think I stop breathing everytime he touches the puck.

* The Jackets got into penalty trouble in the third... you just knew the refs were going to even it up in that last 20. The Pens made them pay as well.

* The Jackets PP wasn't bad.. they moved the puck well and had a couple of nice shots from the point... too bad they couldn't pot one.

* Great sell out crowd.. but like I said earlier.. waaaaay to many Pens fans for my liking.. I'll given them credit though.. they were loud and had impressive numbers.. I'd kill to see the Jackets put that many fans in someone else's arena.

* Yikes.. other than Vermette's goal most that 3rd period was an ugly one. The Pens just completely took over and the Jackets stopped playing there game.. You don't see this team blow many 3 goal leads and let's hope this was just an anomaly.

* Really slow start.... those first 6 to 7 minutes were brutal. The boys eventually settled down and played their game.

* Methot concussed. I think this lineup will really miss him so hopefully its not too serious and he's back soon. I also hope they play Rome over Backman.

* The morons who were chanting "Let's go Pens" during the Hitch ceremony.

1. Mase does it again. Now give this kid a rest.
2. Juice. On a night where we needed his skill he delivered in critical moments.
3. Jackets respond to adversity to grab the ever so critical two points.

This comes courtesy of WFNYScott: "Pens fans just got dryhumped in that third period, only to go home empty handed. Love it."

You are not alone my man!

Detroit... Boston.... Pittsburgh.. you set em up, the Jackets knock em down. That is a stretch I think we may all look back on and say that is where the boys elevated their game.. that is when they stood up collectively and said nobody is stopping this train.

Not sure about the rest of ya but I'm damn proud of this squad. They are making hockey a lot of fun...finally.... and for fans who have waited a loooong time for moments like they've given us this past week it's really rewarding.

..and its no time to slow down as up next tonight is Chicago. A team we've only played twice thus far this season and have gone 0-1-1.

As a buddy of mine put it last night, we aren't really quite sure how we match up against these guys as we haven't seen them enough. We are going to get to know them really quick as 4 of our next 14 are against this team.

It's another big test on the back end of a back to back. You know the Jackets are going to be tired.... can they dig even deeper to grab another victory against a real good Chicago squad? This Jackets team has surprised all year, I'm not putting anything past them.

..and as a parting shot I leave you with this foul humor. It was pointed out to me last night that not only can Crosby not be spelled with C-R-Y... Evgeni Malkin cannot be spelled without V-A-G-I-N-A.




JN said...

Note: Game not on FSN tonight. Stream, radio, satellite, just not cable.

jemhuff said...

I'm usually not too critical of the in-house promotions and jumbo-tron clips, but the nacho cam has to be THE worst clip and song I've ever seen or heard anywhere. A video clip of concession stand employees serving nachos paired up with a song that sounded like someone singing it with their mouth full of nachos. Horrible!!

Stephen said...

Great atmosphere last night. While some be upset that there were soooo many Pens fans, it made for a FANTASTIC hockey game. It was a taste of playoff atmosphere.

Can we step up the campaign to re-vamp the jumbo-tron/audio play. I agree with jemhuff the Nacho piece was disturbing.

Dan said...

Actually, you can spell Evgeni Malkin without V-A-G-I-N-A; there's only one "A" in his name.

I've seen enough. Vermette needs to have high level talent (Nash and Huselius) around him so we can convert his tremendous play into more goals. There have been far too many great passes with near misses to the Hamburgler. Don't get me wrong, R.J. has been great at doing what he does, but he's not on the same level in terms of creativity, vision, and stick handling. Malhotra is a professional, he'll understand and I don't think his play will suffer. At least not enough to counterbalance the benefit we'll get from the top line with Vermette in the middle.

Also, if this team finishes in 5th, maybe even 6th, Hitch is the coach of the year in my mind.

Dan said...

Other than the R bar, are there any places around here with Center Ice? I worry that the R bar will be over capacity by the time I get back to Columbus tonight around 9. Thanks

LTL said...

Just roll with it Dan! :)

I know most of the BW3s in town carry center ice. I know the one in Dublin definitely does.

In the A.D. the only place I"m aware of that carries it is the R Bar.

Hmmm.. pro hockey team right next door... you'd think it would make sense for more places to I dunno.. carry the pro hockey package.

It's why the R Bar continues to pack em in. They "get it".


BZArcher said...

I know there's a group of people getting together at the BW3 in Worthington if people are looking for a place to go out there.

I'll give the Pens fans this - cheering -against- them was fun. Up in 212 I think we got more people who usually stay on the quiet side up and yelling just because we were trying to shout all those Pens fans down!

Seriously, the game ops staff needs to just fucking hire Skraut already....let the man telecommute from Cleveland, give him access to all the HD footage and music library they've got, and let him put together some doozies.