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Sunday, March 29, 2009

This and that

Some comments from Jacket players on the Blues' playoff push from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Mike Commodore
Before the season," Commodore said, "if you would have looked at their roster and said, 'OK, this guy, this guy, this guy and this guy are going to be done for the year ... how do you think they're going to do?' With seven games left, I don't think anybody would have guessed they'd be one point out of the playoff race.

"They just never went away. It's been very impressive."

"They've been all over us," Commodore said. "As defensemen, we haven't had very much time to make plays. That makes the game a lot harder for the whole team, especially defensively."

Jason Williams
"If he's seeing the puck, he's going to make the save," Williams said. "For us, we've got to make sure we're getting guys in front of him. But he's a goaltender that battles real hard. He's really starting to come into his own right now."

Rick Nash
"I think everybody did count them out," Nash said. "I don't think anyone saw it coming. I played for Andy Murray at the World Championships (with Team Canada) and know how good of a coach he is. Plus, they've got great players, so it was surprising to see where they were at the bottom. But they've been great lately, and they've got a shot at it."

When was the last time you heard Jacket players asked for their comments on another team's playoff chances?

From the Edmonton Sun:

The two best NHL goalies in the second half of the season are named Mason: Chris in St. Louis. Steve in Columbus ...

So what's less fun? Playing for a Ken Hitchcock-coached team or playing against one?

I'd certainly say "against one" as bottom line, Hitch's system produces wins.. and winning is fun.

This guy gets the "idiot of the day award" -- from the Dispatch "letters to the editor":

Mr. Stein: I have no particular ax to grind, but you were off base when you said some sports at OSU don't deserve as much attention as others (Mailbox, last Sunday). You have a mistaken assumption about fans. I like OSU football, but that's because it wins and plays with excellence. When it doesn't play well, I (and thousands of others) don't care.

We readers want to read about excellence at OSU. If wrestling is in the hunt for the NCAA title, we want it on Page 1. If the men's basketball team plays below expectations, they deserve to be on Page 3. I would rather read about any of the 36 OSU sports making a mark in the NCAA. I might not know anything about field hockey, but if OSU is doing well, then I demand to see it up front. I don't want it buried.

I can't help but add that most Ohio fans hate hockey. Typical hockey fans only talk about the fights, just like many NASCAR fans only talk about wrecks. They are vicarious wannabes. Why did The Dispatch buy into a team sport that normally loses money? If you divested yourself, you could probably afford to hire some female sports writers, which would please many Mailbox complainers.

Obviously Stein is trying to stir the pot by publishing such a ludicrous email. Maybe one day dolts like Ralph Marinello will wake up from the stone age and discover that man produced fire, cured polo, invented the automoblie, walked on the moon and yes, can actually enjoy more than one sport at a time.

I shouldn't be astonished when I read that folks out there actually think this way but regardless I still am.

I just hope to god this dude hasn't reproduced... what a shining example. Life lesson #1 kids -- your only worth a damn if you win. Wow, the fabrics of life being laid there.

Go play in traffic Ralph. The world would be a better place.

Feel free to respond to this trash-bag by emailing Ray Stein here @

With every Central Division team still in the playoff hunt I think this division can finally kiss a top 5 lottery pick goodbye. A trend that has occured in 6 of the past 7 seasons with that off season being the 30 team "Crosby lottery" during the lockout year.

Ohio State men's hockey fell to #1 overall seed Boston University by a final score of 8-3. The game wasn't pretty as BU clearly was the better team.

Still the Buckeye's must consider the season a success as they finished with an overall record of 23-15-4. Coming into the season loaded with 20 freshmen and sophmores nobody expected them to compete in the CCHA let alone make the tournament.

The next couple of years look very bright for this young squad and the experience this group obtained this year will only benefit them as they look to build and mature for furture seasons.

They get their PP struggles worked out (sound familiar?) then look out for next year.



eplagge said...

Wondering how the rest of you guys are feeling..
Starting to get really anxious... felt before this weekend that .500 or better would be fantastic.. especially knowing how teams like Phoenix and St.Louis have been dominating us this season..
Now the nightmare came true and the Blues did what I was affraid of.... got 4 points out of a back-to-back weekend.. next up the Preds, who are only .500 against us this season but have a history of dominance over us.. Am I the only one who is stating to crap my pants.. please reassure me fellow LTL readers...

rocket said...

Umm, I am definitely starting to get worried. I can't believe St. Louis stepped it up these last two games, and now we are only a few points away from another disappointment. This can't happen, but we still have a tough 6 games left. It also doesn't help that every team that needs to lose is winning.

LTL said...

I'm feeling uneasy like the rest of you. You have to think St. Louis (won 5 in a row) and Nashville (won 3 in a row) are going to hit a bump in the road here -- no way those squads are going to continue to win out...right? Ugh.

That said the Jackets absolutely must take care of business tomorrow... they have to win that game.

I'll have a post up about the Blues game last night here in a bit.


rocket said...

Couldn't agree more, if there have ever been big games in our history... none are bigger then the next few. We need to win or else we will find ourselves holding on to that number 8 spot by the skin of our teeth.