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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing catchup

2-0-1 in my absence. Perhaps I should take a vacation more often!

First off -- thanks for the comments everyone!!

I had a great time at the Florida game and couldn't believe, still can't believe really, they rallied like they did so late in the game to pull out a victory. I took lots of pics which I'll post in the next day or two.

I'm actually watching the replay of the Jackets/Calgary game now. I'm through the first period and man were the Jackets dialed in or what? That 5 on 3 kill open the flood gates.

Just saw the Torres goal... Nash with his best impersonation of Gretzky... wow was he really seeing the ice... and who in the hell did Jokinen think he was throwing some punches..give me a break.

Okay... so enough about the past and lets talk about the future. That future being the St. Louis Blues.

This Blues team currently sits in 10th place with 79 points. They are just 1 point out of a playoff spot. Including this one, they've only got two home games remaining out of their 8 games. They are all important games as they are for every team still in the playoff mix but no doubt they are looking at this as a must win.

The Jackets have a big challenge in front of them tonight but as we've seen thus far this season, they have the ability to rise up and overcome those challenges.

* Its no secret that the Jackets are gonna get the Blues A-game. They are fighting for their playoff lives and as mentioned, there is no doubt they are lookin at this game as a must win to stay in the hunt. The Jackets will need to weather the first 10 and if they can get that early goal they are in business.

* The Blues are rolling.. they are on a 3 game winning streak and are getting contributions from everyone.... Jackets can't key on a couple of particular threats.. this entire Blues team is bringin it which means this entire Jackets team will need to match it.

* This game will be will be high tempo, high energy, high intensity. The Blues are strong at home going 21-13-5... the Jackets cannot come out flat or they will look like Calgary from Thursday night.

* This will be a game won in the trenches.. Jackets need to win the board battles and races to loose pucks..

* Mase vs. Mase... may the best Mase win

(wow.. just caught the Boll and Klesla fights -- well done boys!!)..

* Special teams are always key... can the Jackets build off their PP success against Calgary? I like their chances if they can.

I'll be watching the battles as I expect to see them all over the ice. The team that wins trench battles wins the game.

The kicker with this game is the home at home. If the Blues win both they pull within 2 points of the Jackets. These are huge games for both squads. Who will be more desperate? If I were to guess I think both home teams win.

Couple more thoughts.

* I hear the game ops was much better Thursday night against Calgary. That is encouraging news.

* This Peter Stenzel freak. You know I was once told you could attach the word "bag" to any word (wow.. what a pass from Juice to Nash who almost put that Forsberg move home) and its funny.. well there is nothing funny about what Stenzel did but I think any number of words + "bag" would fit in well here... nutbag, flamebag, assbag, freakbag, enjoy-your-time-in-the-clink-bag...etc, etc.

* My JHM hat is completely off to Scott Howson and the entire Blue Jackets organization for what they've done for Ryan Salmons.... honestly what a classy thing to do from what sounds like a very classy and courageous young man. The entire Blue Jackets family is behind you Ryan!

* How about those hockey Buckeyes? I was absolutely shocked to hear they made the tournament and of course enjoyed a few adult beverages in their honor. They try to advance to the final 8 at 5:30 tonight vs. #1 overall seed Boston University. The game will be televised live on ESPN2. You can see the overall bracket here.

* I'll have a live blog tonight so stop on in!




Rick said...

Welcome back LTL!!!

Let's get the grass-roots effort going to have Ryan Salmons Carry The Flag for the first home playoff game. Talk about an emotional moment at the 'Nat!!!

wizworm said...

Glad to have you back LTL! Hope you had a good vacation.

LTL said...

Thanks guys.

I (and the fam) definitely enjoyed the break!

Now I'm lookin forward to the Jackets making this playoff thing official!