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Friday, March 13, 2009

Nacho cam, Jason and more...

I'm not sure if anyone from the game op staff reads this blog or even cares... but you guys are killing us!

First its the stupid videos that are shoved down our throats when the crowd is already roaring its pleasure... then we get things like the "Nacho Cam" last night that are just flat out embarrassing.

The Jackets have elevated their game..... we need whomever has the power with this stuff to follow suit.

Replays, highlights, rock n'roll...that's all it takes to help create a lively energetic atmosphere at a hockey game. I know there are sponsor obligations that need worked in but why not a highlight package sponsored by 'x'? Or a replay sponsored by 'x'? Keep it simple.

....and when the crowd is already loud and cheering let em roar.. we don't need music played over them.

Speaking of crowds.... there are a couple of stories I wanted to share from last night involving "Jason".

A true and very giving Jacket fan gave up a couple of his seats right behind the Penguins bench to Jason and his "bloody" stuffed penguin last night. Needless to say the Penguins players certainly took note -- especially Maxim Talbot.

Midway through the 2nd period I get a text that read as follows:

"Talbot just tried to rip the penguin out of my hands"

Of course I roared in laughter when I read it... but it gets better.... during the 3rd period I received the following:

"Talbot just tried hitting me with his stick. This was after he tried to yank the bloody penguin out of my hands"

I'm sorry folks... but you can't make this stuff up.

As "Jason" aka Matt said.. its home ice for a reason. So let's buckle down out there CBJ nation and kick it up a notch or three and help "Jason" out for this last stretch of home games and make Nationwide once tough place to play -- I really believe it makes a difference.

"Jason" is currently en route to Chicago. He wanted me to share that he'll be sitting in section 121 by the Jackets bench if anyone wants to stop down and say hello.

For those that don't know yet the game tonight versus the Blackhawks will not be televised locally on FSN Ohio. The good news is that it will be available via center ice (R Bar if don't subscribe) and will be streaming the game live over the internet. Check it out here.

I'm also going to do a "live blog" for this one so stop on in if you'd like!




Wally said...

The in-game ops probably get old for season ticket holders or regular-attending fans... I'm burned out on some of them, but not all... yet.

As far as the movie clips... I surprised no one in the arena realizes you can't really even hear them... so unless you know the movie dialog from memory, it's a huge big mood killer, only rivaled by the new "Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Radio Network"

Say that 10x fast. Ugh.

tom said...

Ditto! I (like many other CBJ fans) was sitting next to a Pens fan when that STUPID nacho man clip ran. She looked at the screen, rolled her eyes and said "that's pathetic" and laughed at us. When she bitched about the lack of replay on the close, but no goal in the 2nd period. I asked and she said they not only show the replays at Pittsburgh but the show them repeatedly and from multiple angles, just like you're sitting at home. THAT would be entertaining! SHOW the damned replays!

Pay the sponsors...spin the roulette wheel...drop burritos from the rafters...LET THE HOCKEY AND ATMOSPHERE BE THE ENTERTAINMENT!

Our fan base has matured. We know the rules and can recognize when the team is performing and when it is not. We really don't need Will Farrell or MacCauley Caulkin to remind us when we should cheer..."you filthy varments".

Angelo said...

This seems to be a problem with the arenas in Columbus - the Schott guys crank the music the second that play is whistled dead - very annoying and drowns out the fans. no wonder a lot of people aren't cheering most of the time!

Stephen said...

Good point on the lack of replays. I would have loved to see some of Fleury's saves. I was miffed how the puck did not go in?

Thanks to LTL for keeping the subject alive.

gsparky said...

I had the pleasure of sitting next to "Jason" and the bloody penguin last night down on the ice. PIT fans were yelling at us to sit down, but "Jason" just kept giving them "the dead eyes" from behind his mask.

What a different game it is that close to the bench.

Also, I promised Malkin I'd give him a shout-out for letting me call him a Nancy in the 3rd period. There it is, Vegina.

Max said...

They need to hire new game-ops people. There needs to be replays. One alarming fact: ABBA is played in NWA. ABBA is music you hear at a figure skating competition, not a hockey game. The CBJ replay intro has got to go... by the time the intro's done, the game's started back up again. So you get to watch one replay if that. Ugh. I hope someone reads that. Maybe we can drop a line to Portzline, Reed, or Arace and they can have a chat with Howson.

tomdury said...

LTL i hope you read this cause this has been an issue for years and has ticked me off a ton as of late. what is it you ask?...... the damned chilli chant! why in the gods name are we still doing that? it just makes it seem like everyone in the building is only there for the possibility of gaining free chili the next day.

I know some of your chants have spread (like the "LEO" chant at the anthem) why not try to replace the chili chant with something? maybe dada da dadada PLAYOFFS! we need to rally these fans behind something more than stinkin wendy's chili. if you actually read this and wouldnt mind, make a post of your own and lets see if we can get people behind this one. thanks and keep up the GREAT work!