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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random thoughts

I wonder if the Jackets would consider calling up Nikita Filatov or Alexandre Picard for a spark over this last 6 game stretch?

According to this site the Jackets have a 91.6% chance of making this playoffs. If they would have won against the Blues that percentage would have increased to 99%.

For those that didn't catch the line brawl between the Blackhawks and Canucks on Sunday night watch below:

Since the Blue Jackets got completely snubbed this year on US national television I wonder if they'll get any games next season?

Looks like Backman will be back in the lineup tomorrow. They must have absolutely no faith in Rome. I cringe at that thought of Backman against a Preds team tonight.

Congrats to Miami of OH for making the Frozen Four!

Erat, Arnott and Legwand will all be out of the lineup for Nashville tonight. Even without all of those impact players Nashville still scares the crap out of me.

The Jackets have 6 games left. 3 at home, 3 on the road and 5 of 6 against Central division opponents.

My opinion - if the Jackets take 3 of 6 they make it in.

Anyone else get the feeling that there are some out there, like Bruce Hooley from 1460thefan, who deep down are actually rooting against the Jackets to make the playoffs for some twisted fear that the Jackets will threaten their "traditional" sports coverage?

The fact that the Jackets are still in the running for Denver center Tyler Bozak is another sign that the perception of Columbus around the league has changed from one of "perennial bottom feeder" to a team "on the rise". The Jackets really have zero depth at center in their system so a guy like Bozak makes sense in a lot of ways and he could find himself on the big team in a hurry. Here is a highlight reel of Bozak:

St. Louis has 5 of 6 left on the road. With the way they are playing I don't think they are the least bit phased. Their remaining home game? You guessed it, it's against the Jackets.

Nashville plays 4 of their final 6 on the road. Like the Blues, I don't think they care either way. They get Chicago twice, Detroit once and the Jackets twice.

The Preds highest scorer is JP Dumont with 59 points. However they have 6 players with 40 or more points. The Jackets have 4.

Kris Russell has the worst +/- on the squad coming in at a -10.

Jared Boll leads the NHL in fighting majors with 23. There are 3 players right behind him with 22 a piece.

Is Chris Gratton still a Blue Jacket?

The Jackets are 10th overall in fighting majors with 52.

Finally some fun with the Dispatch guys (courtesy of a poster named kidacbj on HF):

More on the game with Darth later today!



Anonymous said...

Very nice picture. My feeling exactly.

Yes, you know WBNS wants nothing to do with the Jackets. You have to cover 82 games instead of 12 or 13 easy weekend football games. And the Buckeyes let you in the same room as Jim Tressel!

Max said...

Hahahaha the picture is great!

I don't like the guys on sports radio. Most of them are over-inflated gas bags. Hearing Speilman and whoever he hosts with talk about the World Baseball Classic made me sick. Their attitude? Who gives a damn! Ugh.

jeffdury said...


Just a heads up, there is a good article about the CBJ and their drive to the playoffs with 6 games left here on

LTL said...

Awesome..thanks for the heads up on that article Jeff.

I'll get it worked into a post later today!


DP@WFNY said...

Bruce Hooley is a perennial nay-sayer who loves teams to suck so he can say, "I told you so." Rather than enjoy the ride, keep your expectations low so you can gloat about being "right" if something bad happens.

That attitude sickens me.

Chimera25 said...

Great picture but these are making me nervous. Can't wait to see how they come out tonight. They better be ready to go. I like the line changes Hitch made putting Williams with Umberger and Vermette.

Check out this nice read about the CBJ from the Menneapolis Star.

Hitch Rules said...

Dead on on the Toolie comments - I listened to the broadcast, and he was literally saying that they could lose all their remaining games. Nice objective journalism, Toolie!