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Friday, March 20, 2009

Race in the West

This link was posted by eplagge and its a great look at the race in the West for the final playoff spots:

I had to shrink the table quite a bit to get it to fit here but follow this link to see it in full.

I agree with those who commented in the post below that this is definitely something the Dispatch or Jackets official site should replicate.

This site now gives the Jackets a 91% chance at making the playoffs.

Of course you can bet your Tim Horton's Stinger donut on the fact that Hitch is keeping this squad fully focused on one thing -- and that's winning the next game against Florida.



Manny said...

Here you go, this is even better, updated by a Jackets fan for Jackets fans.

Blue Jackets Magic Number

eplagge said...

LTL thanks for posting this graph/schedule, I love this thing.. it shows all the info you need as a fan.. have to give a shout out to the Minnesota wild graphics department for that one..

Anyways I was on a business trip this week and that gave me the ability to watch all the games played earlier this week in a nice comfortable casino.. here's my breakdown:

CBJ: Playing well of late, PP is still lacking, PK has been good.. if we keep slightly above 500 or better we should make it..

EDM: Hate to say it but Rolloson deserves some major credit, without him this team is toast. They are so inconsistent, but they are consistently lucky. They aren't a powerhouse offense or defense and they have a weird mixture of players.. but somehow they are never out of a game.. they get lucky bounces and they capitalize.. and Roloson always seem to keep them in a game..with a great remaining schedule (1xtra game, lots of home games), they will probably crawl into the playoffs..

NSH: Playing as usual, playing hard but they have lost key pieces over the last few years, and it's starting to show.. The teams below them will have to step up their game if they want to pass Nashville.. NSH won't be an easy pushover.. and Rinne has provided some absolutely amazing goaltending.. . I can see Rinne carrying this Nashville team into the playoffs..

MIN: Sound goaltending and OK defense... but absolutely zero offense.. they might hang on..

ANA: Still a very dangerous team, but it looks like they have lost a step and maybe some interest.. still has a shot..Giguere looks a lot better then earlier in the season..

DAL: They hung in against Vancouver, but VAN was clearly the better team.. they really miss Brad Richards a lot !! I won't bet on Dallas making the playoffs..

STL: Scary team... I was in awe watching them.. bar none this has to be the hardest working team in the NHL... they compete like a bunch of wild jacked up Hyena's with Rabies.. This is the team that scares me the most.. IMHO they will have a good shot at the playoffs.. Their incredible work ethic makes up for the offensive and defensive shortcomings and Mason is providing some pretty good goaltending..

My crazy prediction 6. CBJ, 7.NSH, 8.STL.... (central getting some respect)
My calculated prediction 6. CBJ 7.NSH, 8.EDM

LTL said...


That is fantastic! I just linked it at the very top of this blog.

Thank you!!


I love that graphic as well. I'd really like to see one done from a Blue Jackets stand point.


LTL said...

Forgot to mention -- fantastic breakdown on the teams in the hunt as well!!

I'd have to go with your statistcal numbers of CBJ, NSH and EDM getting in.

My dark horse is DAL in that if they get Richards or Morrow back they may have enough momentum to sneak in.

If the standings were to hold true to what they are currently.. that would mean 4 teams who made the playoffs last year would miss this season.

The league wanted parity -- well they have certainly got it and I personally think its a beautiful thang!


JAL said...

Good stuff. I posted the following over on my blog a couple of days ago, and will update again after Saturday's games. "Elite" teams refer to teams that had over 80 points when this was posted on Monday.

Bluejackets -- 78 points, 12 games left, 6 home 6 road, 5 games vs. elite teams. The Jackets have 3 remaining with Chicago (1-1-1 so far), 3 with St. Louis (1-2-0 so far) and 2 with Nashville (2-2-0 so far). Nothing easy, but no more killer road trips, and just need 6-6 record to reach 90 points. Health is good, schedule provides rest, we have a bit of a bulge, so things are better than we could have expected heading into the Dirty Dozen.

Edmonton -- 73 points, 14 games left, 8 home 6 road, 6 games vs. elite teams. While the Oilers have a good home/road mix and 2 games in hand, they also have a brutal schedule. Starting tomorrow, they play 8 games in 12 days, and still have the Sharks, Flames, Canucks, Blackhawks and Red Wings on the schedule. Need an 8 -5 -1 record to reach 90 points, which will require them to really bear down coming home. They are 3-2-5 in their last 10.

Dallas -- 74 points, 13 games left, 5 home 8 road, 5 games vs. elite teams. The Stars have been up and down more than a see saw this year. Without Brad Richards, they are searching for scoring help, and Turco has been hot and cold of late. They are just about .500 on the road, which they will need to improve upon down the stretch. Need 8 - 5 - 0 or 7 - 4 - 2 to reach 90 points, which will be tough with 5 vs. San Jose, Calgary and Vancouver on the slate.

Nashville -- 73 points, 13 games left, 5 home 8 road, 6 vs. elite teams. Nashville had a nice surge to get themselves into contention, but face a road-heavy schedule coming home, including 2 on the road in Detroit, and home & home series with Chicago and San Jose. They need 8 - 4 - 1 to reach 90 points, which will be a tall order. They are 7 - 2- 1 for the last 10, but only 2-2-1 in the last 5. They start a 3 game California road trip tonight, including a wicked Anaheim-San Jose back-to-back on Wednesday & Thursday. They also have to improve on their NHL rank of 27th in scoring, as you can't rely exclusively on defense and goaltending down the stretch.

Minnesota -- 72 points, 13 games left, 6 home 7 road, 6 vs. elite teams. The Wild are an enigma, in the sense that they have a terrific goal differential number (177 Goals for, 172 Goals against -- 12 in the NHL on a per game basiis). However, the overall numbers don't support enough scoring to translate into necessary wins. They are 26th in the league in scoring which puts huge pressure on Backstrom in goal, and upon the defense. They need a 9 - 4 record to reach 90, and face an East Coast swing, with games against the Devils, Rangers and Islanders, on top of remaining games with Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago, Detroit.

St. Louis -- 72 points, 13 games left, 4 home 9 road, 5 vs. elite teams. After being an after-thought for most of the season, St. Louis has made a nice run to get their name in the playoff conversation. Unfortunately, their run came at the expense of home games, as they have only 4 left at Scottrade Center, and 2 of those are against the Jackets. Remaining road games against Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago, Detroit will make it tough for them to reach the promised land. Like Minnesota, need a 9 - 4 record to reach 90.

Anaheim -- 70 points, 13 games left, 6 home 7 road, 3 vs elite teams. Anaheim is right on the fringe of contender status, but needs to be included due to their schedule. Just about an even split between home and road, and only 3 games against elite teams. They face Phoenix and Colorado a total of 5 times, and have another 5 against Nashville, Edmonton and Dallas. 2 against the Sharks and 1 in Vancouver round it out. Still, Anaheim needs a 10-3 record coming home to reach 90, which looks fairly undoable, particularly since ownership sent white flag sounds out at the trade deadline. Still a proud organization, but one that is probably more focused on retooling than on mounting a serious playoff run this year.

To me, looks like Edmonton and Nashville have best shots for the 7and 8 spots. Jackets likely to stay 6th, given games in hand.

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