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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pre-game thoughts: Chess match

The best team in the league, the Boston Bruins, invade Nationwide tonight looking to build on their 43-15-9 record.

They are big, well coached, abide closely to their system, score a lot (to the tune of 226 goals thus far) and do an even better job at keeping puck on the net (have only allowed 155 goals).

Oh and they are "only"21-9-4 on the road.....

The good news is that the B's have just been average their past 10 going 4-5-1.

The Jackets are certainly going to have their work cut out for them if they hope to build off the Detroit stomping on Saturday night.

* Forget Detroit. Those games are certainly nice but not the norm. If you think the Jackets play a structured system just watch the Bruins. They are going to need to be disciplined and whomever makes the first big mistake will probably decide the winner.

* I know first goals are usually important but tonight I think its one of the biggest keys of the game. Whomever scores first probably wins.

* The B's can spread the scoring.. they have SEVEN players with 40 or more points... the Jackets have two. They have ELEVEN players with 30 or more points... the Jackets have seven. That means every player on every line needs to do their part to help shut this Bruins team down.

* Tim Thomas is statistically the best goaltender in the game. #1. Mase has to play better than Thomas and #2. the Jackets have to outwork Thomas... same as Detroit.. get shots through, get to rebounds, get deflections, get to the paint.. cause havoc.. pay the price.

* The B's special teams are special. 4th on the PP. 11th on the PK. That is how you get such a great record. Chara/Wideman are dangerous on those points.... easiest way to defend against the Bruins PP is to stay out of the box.

* As far as the Jackets special teams.. we are well aware of the story there.. the Jackets must convert on their opportunities.. no posts.. no goalie sticks, no skate blades.. just that little piece of black rubber fully crossing that red line.

* I'm worried about the energy level for the Jackets coming off such a big win.... they cannot afford to start slow against the B's team who is certainly looking at this game to get themselves back on track as they gear up for the playoffs.

* Score goals!! Hey it worked last time... I just hope the boys didn't use up all of their 'O' against the Wings.

For me its all about the start. If the Jackets come out strong early then I like their chances.. if they are slow then I think the B's make em pay.

It will also be Vermette's home debut so I look for a strong performance from him.

For those that have never seen Chara play live... I am telling you this guy is a freak of nature. I"ll certainly say he's every big of the 6'9" the program guide has him listed as.

Another game.. another test.. another biggest game in the history of the Blue Jackets.

I expect a low scoring physical affair with both teams making the safe play waiting for the other to blink and make that first costly mistake.

The boys can use our support so if you don't have plan gets your butts on down to Nationwide and support these guys!!

See ya at the R Bar!




Andrew said...

Lets stick it to the bears!

DP@WFNY said...

It is my belief that if they don't work *at least* as hard to forecheck and create turnovers like they did against Detroit, they are in for a long night. Boston's back-end is SO > Detroit's.

DP@WFNY said...

(Also, linked to you from my game preview as well over at WFNY... hope that's cool!)

Wally said...

Amazing game!

BZArcher said...

Just Win, Baby!

Rick said...

Who's says we're playoff worthy? We're going to be a team that no one wants to play in the 1st round!

Rick said...

I meant to say "who says we're NOT playoff worthy"