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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pre-game thoughts: A wise man once said...

“Do or do not... there is no try.”
~ Yoda

For the Jackets the road to the playoffs has to go through their old nemesis...some call em Nashville... to others they are simply known as Darth Vader.

If my calculations are correct the Jackets have beat Nashville just 3 times over the past 3 seasons..... two of those have come this season over 4 contests. Out of those games both teams have won their two games at home.

With 6 games left.. this game is of monumental importance for this Jackets franchise. I'm getting both dizzy and excited just thinking about it.
Whomever wins tonight takes over or in the Jackets case, keeps 6th place.


* Play the way that got the Jackets to this point and they win the game. That is hard checking mistake free hockey from the 1st line to 4th from the top pair to the bottom... winning battles, taking advantage of your opportunities and exceptional goaltending.

* Mason has to be better than Rinne... it must happen.

* Take advantage of the home ice advantage. Clearly it's made a difference so far in this series.

* Jackets need the 7th man tonight. No sitting on your hands fans... it's go-time. The LTL hat and jacket are comin out of the closet for this tilt. Wear your Jackets best baby and get LOOOOUUUUDDD!

* Don't think for one second that because Nashville is without Arnott/Legwand/Erat that the Jackets have a favorable matchup. Remember when we were down all those players earlier this season and nobody thought we had a shot? The Jackets rallied around that and so will a team like Nashville.

* There are no shortcuts to beating this team.... Nashville works hard and smart every shift and so must we.

* Tootoo is just another player out there....

* Watch for that stretch pass up the middle to Sullivan...

* Need new heroes... it doesn't have to be just Nasher or Juice scoring the big goals.. lets get one from the 3rd line tonight.. how about the 4th popping one in? Or what about the defense? When is the last time Methot/Commodore/Russell have score a goal?

* Energy guys have to bring the energy.. the last time we played Nashville our 3rd/4th line guys where out played by a large margin.. that cannot happen tonight.

* Must contain Shea Weber... this guy has 21 goals.. he and Ryan Suter are deadly from the points and that is how they generate a lot of their offense... guys have to limit their time/space and sacrifice bodies.... we cannot let them unload bombs..which leads me to....

* STAY OUT OF THE BOX!!!! Nashville PPs give those guys prime time chances to crank em.

* Win ugly... I really don't care how they do it but win... and win in regulation.

* Believe in this team.. we fans believe.. and I know the guys in that room believe.. this squad can win this game.

* Do it for Yoda!!


This is going to be one intense game. I get goosebumps thinkin about it. I'm watching the fans tonight as this is the type of game we been waiting 7 years to watch this team play... if your reading this blog I know your a die hard so let's get real loud and real vocal and let this squad know we are behind them!!!

I read an article today about the Edmonton Oilers and how everyone on their team has to share the burden. I think that line of thinking fits in perfectly with what the Jackets have to accomplish in this game. Every player has a job to do and every player must contribute.

It's time to blow up the death star Columbus.

Not sure about the rest of ya but I"m ready for a beer now as I'm sure worked up for this one.

See you at the R Bar!!




DP@WFNY said...

Great work, as always. From the sounds of Mason's post-game on Sunday, here's hoping he's got a chip on his shoulder tonight. Rinne is probably the main reason the Preds are where they are (like Mason has been for the CBJ).

I like Malhotra and Vermette against the two top-line centers--at least in the circle--Nashville is running out there, but by no means does that mean Columbus has a huge advantage. This team did, in fact, just beat Detroit.

I'm simultaenously excited and terrified for this game.

WFNY preview here

Beau said...

See you at the Rbar LTL... the most important game in CBJ history to date. Tootoo is just another player, but it sure wouldn't bother me if his blood hit the ice.