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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick hits

97.1 The Fan is running a poll today about what you would like to see more:

1. OSU men in the sweet 16?
2. CBJ playoff appearance?
3. OSU women win the championship

Currently the Jackets are kicking some butt in the poll with 58% of the vote. Get on over there and cast your vote here if you haven't already!

Speaking of 97.1 the Fan. Alot more CBJ chatter these days.. especially on the Midday Show. I didn't get to listen today but apparently they were baggin on Backman, Klesla and Manny.

What does that tell me?

This tells me these guys are actually watching the games now. No more bland generalizations, no more "going through the motions" and treating it as a side show. The fact they are actually singling out players is a good thing (well except for those players) as they are paying attention and are taking it a little more seriously, they are breaking it down, perhaps some are finally seeing what makes this game so great... its what winning does and its great for the Jackets and its fans to rope more folks in for the ride.

Now that said, guys like Bruce Hooley on The Big Show still have a long way to go before I'll be convinced they give a hootey.

Couple of interviews for your listening/viewing pleasure:

Steve Mason interview on Toronto AM640.

Wall to wall behind the scenes with the CBJ coaches this past weekend.

Just got this text from Matt (a.k.a. "Jason"):

There are people down here literally camping out for tix tonight. I just saw an entire family sitting in lawn chairs waiting to grab Huntington green seats!

Oh yeah -- playoff fever baby!!!



J Arthur Ellis said...

Torg seems to know his stuff. Everyone else is making it up as they go along.

jemhuff said...

Wow, people "camping out" for tickets for a Wednesday game!?!? It'll be nuts come playoff time!!

Hitch Rules said...

13-5-1 in the past 19 games! I smell a tough out for the Western Conference.

Keep up the strong play, boys! A nice 4th or 5th seed awaits.

Carry the Flag!

rocket said...

I really think home ice advantage would be HUGE for the Jackets. I know home ice advantage is crucial anyways, but it's more so for the CBJ. They play so well at home and the atmosphere will be explosive, that we can't risk them playing the first ever playoff game at home down 0-2. (Not that I'm not confident it could be the other way, this is just the worst case scenario provided we make it in)

Hitch Rules said...

Rocket: Dead on! Although this team is built for the playoffs, more so than the regular season, and maybe they're too new to this to know the implications, I totally agree that having the home ice advantage would help, incrementally.

And, if a few of the top tier teams in the Western Conference fall - are you listening D-Town, San Jose (a little history of struggling in the playoffs) and Calgary? - this could really pave the path to being a serious Cup contender.

rocket said...

Hitch Rules: I can't believe I'm reading the words "cup contender" while refering to our Jackets. I just got chills, this is amazing.