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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 22 Power Rankings: Better late than never

These are a few days late and most only include up to the 8-2 butt kicking in Detroit.
Rank: 12 (+1)
With Steve Mason already entrenched as the Blue Jackets' starter in goal, Pascal Leclaire was made expendable and netted a top six forward with potential in Antoine Vermette.
Rank: 16 (unchanged)
Rick Nash scored his fourth career hat trick - and second of the year against Detroit - in the Blue Jackets 8-2 win over the Red Wings.
Rank: 14 (unchanged)
An 8-2 rout in Detroit. Meaningful games as the weather starts to turn. Did you ever think it possible, Blue Jackets fans?
Rank: 13 (-1)
Will the Blue Jackets be able to carry momentum from their 8-2 win over the Red Wings into contests versus Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago this week?
Rank: 15 (-1)
By winning two of the three games they played in Week 22 the Blue Jackets managed to keep hold of the No. 6 spot in the airtight East. Rick Nash powered the way, registering four goals and two assists last week for Columbus.
Rank: 13 (unchanged)
Sure, the Blue Jackets have never been in the playoffs, but their style of play – defense-first, goaltender-driven – is conducive to qualifying. That’s how to win games down the stretch. Expect a number of 2-1 and 3-2 final scores.
Rank: 13 (unchanged)
There was a time -- well, honestly, any of the franchise's first seven years -- when going all Mr. Blonde on Detroit would have been the highlight of the Jackets' season. These days, an 8-2 carving of the Wings is worth a few grins, but the two points that keep them in the middle of the playoff race are even nicer.
Rank: 16 (-4)
They're hoping newcomer Antoine Vermette will boost the power play that has ranked last in the league all season.
Rank: 13 (unchanged)
Will finish the year with at least a .500 record versus Detroit for the first time ever

Meta-score 13.8 (Last week: 13.8)

Identicle meta score from last week. Let me ask this -- airtight east? Fail.



Hitch Rules said...

Once again, I ask: Are and legally dead? Do they ever follow the NHL? Does Dougy Mac - the emply of - factor into their rankings?

On that last one, might be a reason to consider that as an outlier (i.e. just throw it out) for the metascore.

Just my opinion, but, I do believe, if the CBJ had the 2nd or 3rd best record in the league, they'd still be ranked around 16th, oh, and with the following statement:

They've never yet made the playoffs. Well, suck it Canada, suck it hard - you're worst nightmare is about to come true.

Oh, and no Sens or Leafs (and hopefully Habs) in the playoffs? Ahhh Hahahahahahaha....

jemhuff said...

And the answer to's question is a resounding YES!!

Bruce said...

I dont know why you bother even compiling this post. These folks (for the most part) dont have a clue.

Hitch Rules said...

I thought I'd share my letter to with y'all:

This is in regards to Robert Picarello's NHL power rankings.

Uh, Robert, since when do the Columbus Blue Jackets play in the East (Eastern conference)?

And, do you even watch any games, or are you saddled with your top notch technology of winning percentage, in determining rankings?

No wait, I know - you're gonna rejoinder with "The Blue Jackets are the only team who've never made the playoffs". Wow - brilliant! (heavy sarcasm emphasized).

Gawd, give this organization some credit - at least give some attention to - one of the great stories in the league.

WHEN the CBJ make the playoffs, this WILL be Canada's, and the mainstream media's, worst nightmare. To them I say, "Suck failure, freaks!"