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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Open post: Flames @ Jackets

While I"m away please feel free to post your thoughts on this game in the comments below!

Yet another game that I probably won't be able to catch any live feeds of so I will look forward to reading your comments from my handy dandy iPhone.

My DVR will definitely be working OT this week.

This is a classic Western Conference matchup where both teams really go at one another hard. Both teams also have a very hard time winning at each other's house. The Jackets need to take advantage of this particular game being at home.

Just one favor to ask for this one - somebody please plant Phaneuf through the Nationwide Arena boards to the point where all I should be able to see are his skates dangling above the ice.




Wally said...

Last game with CGY was billed as a bruise-fest and it was anything but. I don't see them scrapping with us this close to the end of the season. Both sides want to win, but I don't see either side risking injury just to prove something.

I hope I'm wrong... :-|


Angelo said...

Wow! Kipprusoff chased from the net! Keep goin' boys!

Wally said...

So I was wrong, but tempers are flaring down 4 zip. 20 minutes to go!

rocket said...

How about klesla stepping up? wow! And boll popping vandemeer in the forehead... great work boys.

Dan said...

JAL - you win.

Awesome display, and the best $120 I ever spent. What a game and what a statement. I'd talk about our need for consistency and the way Umberger let a couple go off his stick, but for an "ugly goal" scorer, that was pretty and that was too good for anything but compliments. What a game! Here's hoping we play half that well in the first round...

Hitch Rules said...


About as complete a game as you'd want - they even killed every penalty - if there was a down spot, it was the 7 PP ops that the Lames had.


BZArcher said...

If this is how the team responds when the pressure is turned up, expect to see a lot of very concerned coaches in a week and a half.

I think they live in Calgary, Vancouver, and Chicago...

JAL said...

Officials, to their credt (God, I hate to say that) called a very tight game to keep it under control. When they called Phaneuf for an elbow, it signified a lot of penalty minutes were coming, but also that the CBJ are finally getting some respect. We don't get that call last year.

What execution in all three zones!! And to think that McIlhenny made some big saves along the way, or it could have been 9 - 0 prety easily.

Beautiful stuff. Game summary and playoff updates up on my blog. Go Jackets!!!

A Shot From The Point

Canuckbuck said...

yesterday I wrote in the following on the Tampa Bay game post the follwoing:
"It starts tonight with Calgary (my old Hometown), they have a similar makeup as the Jackets. The key will be slowing down Cammalleri and Iginla. I am not worried about Kiprisoft (and yes I spelled it right). He is soft and usually allows some soft goals. I look for us to take it to them in the first 10 minutes theey played last night and we should jump all over them tonight. If we get a lead then Mason can shut the door. I see a 2-1 or 3-2 game tonight. Our PP will get a goal and Vermette to put one int he net as well."
I thought KippruSOFT was a liability for the FLames. He is usually either great or really bad. I liked how our defense did not backdown all night. On to St. Louis, need to take the next two fromthem and put some distance between these dvision teams. In the next 8 games 7 are against divisional rivals, got to love teh scheduling.

Go Jackets

Rick said...

@BZArcher - You hit the nail on the head with many coaches now wondering how to play against us.

LTL, you missed one hell of a game!!!

J Arthur Ellis said...

In case anyone was wondering about the additional security:

what an idiot.

Hitch Rules said...

LTL's back! LTL's back! WOOOOO!

Hitch Rules said...

LTL's back! LTL's back! WOOOOO!