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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Live bloggin: Jackets @ Blues


Buffalo Bob said...

Sorry for the slightly off-topic... but what is going on with Stefan Legein? I see him on the Cruch's web site, but the only stat is 2 PM. I read some older blogs that said he doing some decided non-NHL career enhancing things. Anybody know what's going on with him?

wizworm said...

Glad to have you back LTL! Hope you had a good vacation.

LTL said...

Buffalo Bob.. that is a great question. I personally haven't heard/read anything about him.

I won't be surprised either way with this kid though.. Not with the sample size we have been presented with thus far.

Thanks Wiz!


Buffalo Bob said...

I got a response on HF Boards that said he's got a broken wrist. Guess that's the only break he could get...

LTL said...

Legein with this first AHL goal tonight.

According to a Crunch poster on HF he is getting spot duty on the 2nd/3rd lines and is playing much better.

Crunch won 8-5. Blunden with 2. Picard with another. Filatov with a goal and 2 helpers.

Picard is really comin alive. Late bloomer? His situation this summer will be an interesting one.