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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Captain Columbus on pace for career year

* On pace to smash his career record point total of 69 last season with 80+ this year.

* On pact to beat his previous best +/- of a +5 with in his 05-06 shortened season.

* Has already surpassed his career best of 30 assists last season with 33 thus far this year.

* Just broke the 30 goal plateau for the 4th time in his 5 seasons.

* Is only 1 goal away from tying his career high for 6 game winning goals.

* Is 18th in overall league scoring.

* Has already tied his career high with 4 shorthanded goals.
* Is 1st amongst forwards in take aways with 55, 5th amongst them in hits with 68 and 8th in blocked shots with 25.

* Is only 10 goals away from tying his career high of 41 set in his Rocket Richard winning season of 03-04 with 16 games to go.

* Made the All Star game for the 4th consecutive time.

* Leads all Jackets forwards in ice time with 1,311:16. He is 2nd on the team for forwards with 236:30 of PP time and 4th in short handed time with 132:59.

I've taken my shots at Nash this season when it appeared his energy was zapped and he had some tough stretches. Heck I even pondered what he could fetch on the open market. Yeah..pretty dumb of me. The fact of the matter is that when you step back and look at the season this guy is putting in you realize just how much of an impact he's having.

This guy is getting it done in every situation. He's having a career year in just about every statistical category you can dig up. He is putting this team on his back and carrying them across the finish line.

Gone are the 1 dimensional, lazy play and bloated contract talk that both local and rival fans alike would debate.

Nash has grown as a leade, has responded to world class coaching and like all great leaders he's letting his play do most of the talking.

We also can't take for granted how well he represents himself and Columbus off the ice. I always tell people that he is a pro athlete that you are proud to have your kids look up to.

As the Dispatch mentioned yesterday this franchise has set itself up well to retain its franchise player...especially with the salary that is off the books now that Pascal has moved on. I fully expect a deal to get worked out this summer because as I've stated time and time again, no way the captain jumps ship just as its starting to set sail.

For now all that contract mumbo jumbo will have to wait because with 16 games still to go I'm sure Nash would tell you himself that there is only one goal that he and the team are focused on...the most important goal... and that is to get this team into the playoffs for the first time in their history.

There will be plenty of time to reflect on that personel accomplishment stuff after the season.

For now, let's set sail for the playoffs!


(assist to Dru for the heads up on this post)

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JAL said...

Couldn't agree more, LTL. Nash is a "quiet force", which does not sit well with some who would prefer a more in your face kind of captain, but Nash leads through example, and is a good fit for this team. Probably wouldn't work in Philly, but here it does.

Look around the room and you will see that Howson is surrounding Nash with similar guys. Commodore is probably the most extroverted, but there is an air of confidence that he gives.

I marvel at how complete a player he has become over the past 2+ years under Hitchcock. All of the experts said it would happen and they were right!!

Good stuff!

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