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Friday, March 20, 2009

West watch

The Jackets got a little help last night but not much.

In the "help" category the red hot Canucks were able to knock off the St. Louis Blues by a final of 3-0. San Jose was able to take care of Nashville but it took a shootout... hey, 1 point is better than two right?

As much as it pains me to do so, I've got to hand it a little Nashville.. they had a 4 game road trip and just took points out of every single game to keep their season alive.

Damn them!

LA, Edmonton and Anaheim all collected two points in their match ups which clearly puts them in the "non-help" category.

Here is how the West looks after last night's games:

1. x-Detroit7147103
2. y-San Jose7046102
3. Calgary704188
4. Vancouver703885
5. Chicago693784
6. Columbus713780
7. Edmonton703477
8. Nashville723577
9. Minnesota703374
10. Anaheim713474
11. Dallas713374
12. St. Louis713273
13. Los Angeles703070
14. Phoenix712965
15. Colorado723164

As you can see the gap from 6th to 8th is only 3 points. The cushion grows a little bigger to 6 points when you look at that 9th spot.

Jackets just got to keep winning.

Obviously I'd love to see the Jackets win at both Florida and Tampa but if they can grab at least two points I think they'll be in decent shape.

Speaking of Florida.. they knocked off Toronto by a final of 3-1. I hope they got their win out of their system! If you recall the last time we played Florida they whipped our butt at Nationwide -- what I remember most from that game was how fast they were...especially David Booth who can absolutely scoot.

The best part of last night's games though was seeing the Sharks' Brad Staubitz absolutely wreck Jordan Tootoo's face to a bloody pulp. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

Power rankings coming up later today!



rocket said...

"Couldn't of happened to a nicer guy" lol that's good... Yeah, I'm sure Staubitz is a pretty nice guy.

Just got my playoff tickets (reservations) so I'm a little slap happy.

I swear when it comes down to the stretch like this (and it never has with the Jackets), I almost can't watch these damn games. Considering how much I curse at the tv and the players during mid-season, I can't fathom by how much the yelling will increase now.

LTL said...


I'm completely with you. I almost want to just skip them and then check the score -- that way it's only a couple seconds of heart pounding suspense instead of 2 1/2 hours worth!!

Kind of like when you take a test at a computer center for some type of certification -- the anxiety really kicks after your done and your waiting for that PASS or FAIL message to flash on the screen!

This is the roller coaster ride though.. this is what we've waited so long for and what makes it so much fun!!

I was talking to a buddy about this earlier today.. after 8 years of dissapointing hockey I keep waiting for the bottom to fall out on this squad...

I then have to remind myself that this isn't a fluke.. there are only 11 games left and this team is actually getting better, not worse, in the hardest part of the season!

Still it's hard to re-progam the mind after 8 long years of dissapointments and broken promises.

It's comin around though!

Did you get your playoff ticket reservations in the mail? If so, maybe I have some good news waiting for me when I get home as well :)


rocket said...

I did not get it through mail, I was actually part of a large group that reserved group seating. So that's how we got it, but I do hope there is a surprise in the mail for you.