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Monday, March 2, 2009

Tips & tricks of the trade...deadline.

Just over a day left until NHL GMs can fortify their rosters for the playoff push.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks on what to expect out of the CBJ brass that may lead to a better experience over the next 27 hours give or take:

* Don't expect a blockbuster. So if the unlikely unfolds you'll be pleasantly surprised.

* Expect very conservative moves from Howson and co. Later round draft picks and middle of the road prospects for cougars/costcos are what's likely to change hands between now and 3 p.m. EST tomorrow.

* Howson will not sell so expect at least one move. It may be minor but even a minor move improves team morale and lets them know management believes in this squad.

* Don't expect Pascal Leclaire to be dealt.

* Expect trades to be announced after the 3 p.m. deadline so don't be quick on the trigger to rule the day a success/failure right as the clock strikes 1500. Trade announcements trickle out of the NHL offices well after the 3:00 p.m. deadline passes. These things can stack up and they take time to get consummated. I believe the fax just has to be received and acknowledged by the NHL by 3:00 EST.

* Expect great coverage.;;; All great sites to follow the deadline day's activities. The NHL Network also has coverage starting at noon.

* Expect at least 20 trades league wide.

* Don't expect this year's #1 pick to be dealt.

* Expect Howson to acquire a player that has never been speculated about or rumored to come to Columbus (think Jason Williams).

* Like last year, don't expect the Dispatch/Puck-rakers to update us much.. Howson will be busy working the phones thus won't have time to keep the beats informed regularly. Chances are we'll find out trades via the NHL or TSN before the Dispatch gets the scoop.

* Expect the word "conditional" to get lots of air time. Many trades, especially one involving draft picks, are "conditional". i.e. "2nd round pick conditional upon team making playoffs"; "3rd round pick conditional upon player 'x' being re-signed by new team".

Also many times the complete understanding of these "conditions" will not be immediately known or made clear.

Fire away - any other tips/tricks out there you folks would recommend?



eplagge said...


Great article once again.

* I agree don't expect blockbusters, there might only be 1 or 2 bigger deals, and there is about a 0.01% chance the CBJ is going to be involved.. (I need to stop dreaming about a Nash-Spezza line, damn you hockey gods...)

*According to the dispatch: "I'm told the Blue Jackets have made two official trade offers involving draft picks and "non-NHL-roster" players".. Once again I agree with LTL, look for cougars and CostCo moves...

* LTL brings up a good point about Howsen, he always seems to obtain players that have never been mentioned in the rumour mill.. Willams, Tyutin, Tarnstrom, etc. etc.. I wonder if any of the LTL readers have memories of Howsen praising the play of any opposing player during this season... I can't recall any but maybe I missed it.. (Howsen keeps his cards close to his chest).. personally I would like to throw Lupul out in the mix... I think he fits the bill, in his 20's, competitive player, top 6 forward, decent contract, not mentioned a lot in the rumour mill..

eplagge said...


Stuff is happening.. .as we speak....

just WAIVED:

Brendan Morrison (ANA)
Gary Roberts (TBL)
Miroslav Satan (PIT)
Aaron Voros (NYR)

They all have some issues in common... all of them are Veterans, all make decent money 2-4 mill.. and all have not performed up to expectations... are they making space for possible moves... speculate away....

Hitch Rules said...

LTL - AWESOME breakdown of CBJ trade possibilities! Truly the most realistic I've seen.

What about Reasoner (Cougar)? He would seem to fit the bill, and Don Waddell/Thrash are a mess, and desperate, in spite of their 6-5-1 record in February.

Hitch Rules said...

But, I wouldn't be surprised if a forward (wing) were acquired - less is asked for, in return, plus, now that Chimmers is scheduled for surgery (OK, we all kinda knew he was done for the year), getting a forward is even more critical. Oh, and we have to account for Modin's next setback :(

Give us Vermette, PLU-EASE!