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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chalk up two more points for the good guys!

The CBJ certainly like the drama don't they? Yet another 1 goal win in OT no less (I need to look up their record in OT this year b/c I think it's pretty damn good).

The hero for this one was newly acquired Antoine Vermette who continues to make Scott Howson look like a genius. That OT winner was Vermette's 4 goal and 7th point as a Blue Jacket in 5 games since being acquired at the trade deadline.

The game as a whole certainly wasn't textbook Hitchockey. There were breakdowns all over the ice from both squads... there were moments of great goaltending to not so great goaltending moments.... a defensive chess match this was not.

It wasn't pretty but two points are two points. At this stage of the game it doesn't matter how you go about getting em.. just get them!


* The fact that they found a way to grab two points when they clearly weren't at their best is the biggest story of this game.

* The Jackets PK really came up large and besides the two points, was the biggest story of this game. They did give up a PP goal but considering the amount of penalties the Jackets took (which was 18 all together) against the 7th best PP in the league -- the PK was exceptional.

* Jason Williams. Although the stats don't show it (only 1 assist) I thought he was the Jackets best forward and it was bar none the best complete game I've seen him play in a Jackets uni. He was very good in all 3 zones and really sparked that 3rd line.

* RJ Umberger.. he is right up there with Williams. How good is this dude in front of the net? That redirect off Voracek's pass was a thing of beauty. What is the most underrated part of RJ's game is his outside speed with the puck.. he blew past the 'hawks D multiple times with that speed... and of course what a touch pass to Vermette at the end.

* Vermette comes though once again. 22+ minutes of ice time in all situations.. guy is really contributing... only flaw in this game for him was his performance in the circle.. only won 8 of 21 good for 38 percent.

* How about that Methot hip check!

* Voracek continues to perform well.. he grabbed an assist but could have had more.. he is really skating and see the ice well of late. Great signs.

* I LOVE to see guys like Dorsett get rewarded with goals. He played a good hard nosed north/south game.

* My buddy for hooking me up with a suite seat. We both agreed though that it's okay once in a while but we'd much rather be up or down in the thick of it with our CBJ brethren. Pretty good wings up there though..!

* "Jason" getting it done in section 121... and if you haven't seen the pic of he and the ref from the R Bar be sure to check the twitter on this blog titled "two for slashing".

* Chimmer and OKT making the rounds on the suite level and pausing for a quick pic. Thanks guys.

* It's a strange game this hockey.. Nash gets multiple breakaways and nothing... then throws a rainbow flutter from a ridiculous angle and it finds it's way in... solid game from the captain and a very timely goal.

* Game ops was a mixed bag. The music seemed a little better.. they played a video without sound which was a step in the right direction.. you knew it couldn't last though -- they were late on replays and then the dreaded video with sound reared its ugly head.

* Mase had his moments both good and bad. I think he'd like that 1st goal back but he made some game-saving stops in the 3rd to keep the Jackets in it..... The thing I love about him is he seems to make the big saves at the most critical stages of the game.

* Crowd was okay at 15k.. and those that were there were LOUD...but....we can do better Cbus!!

* Gave up that early first goal but love the way the Jackets responded just minutes later.

*Tyutin and Klesla. These guys were both brutal. Tyutin with 8 minutes alone in penalties -- that just can't happen. Klesla continues to bumble and stumble his way around the ice... although I give him credit for somehow moving that puck up to RJ that lead to the OT winner.

* It was pointed out to me (thx Kevin) that the refs are not listed in the game day programs. This was brought up b/c everyone wanted to know who those refs were who made some of those atrocious calls last night.

* No Vermette appearance on the 1st star of the game... got to think there was a communication mix up somewhere along the way there..... or *gasp* he got injured in the past game celebration..

* Waaaay too many penalties.

* Me for thinking the first goal that was scored would win this game. Happy to be dead wrong!

1. Two points is two points.
2. Jason Williams... great all around effort.
3. RJ/Vermette - love the chemistry between these two and they are both piling up the points.

This win was key.

The obvious is that it keeps the Jackets solidly in 6th place in the West 4 points head of Nashville. It showed us again the Jackets ability to bounce back after a bad loss. It also matches a franchise record of 80 points set last season with 11 games still to go.

Next up are two important road games in Florida.

First is a date with the Panthers on Saturday (which yours truly will be attending!) and then a couple of days later its a matchup with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Keep an eye on that Panthers game as they are also in a fight for their playoff lives as they currently sit 9th in the East just three points out 8th.




Hitch Rules said...

Vermette's around the world pass, in the 1st period, was flat out off the chain! Does he bring a skill set we've not yet seen here, before, or what?

Tyutin and Klesla were awful - well, Rusty's been awful, since returning - I'd really like to know what the H&H boys see in this guy. At best, I think it's a case, much like Chimmer and Modin, of players trying to play when not near healed. They're not doing the team any good, by playing.

Game Ops crew, while better, needs a revamp. At least there were no gawd awful OSU themes, last night. Heck, just bring on Skraut!

Jason rules! We need 18K+ more of him.

Again, 13-5-1 in the last 19 games - that's called stepping up, BIG time!

SoupDog said...

I agree with you, two points are two points, and we will take them any way we can get them. The answers to your two questions: We are now 10 - 6 in overtime games (5-1 in overtime and 5-5 in shootouts; and, we were treated to the underwhelming experience presented by the stipes of Don VanMassenhoven (#21) and Gord Dwyer (#19).

Max said...

Yeah Tyutin's play has been pretty poor the last couple weeks. It seems as if the mental aspect of his game is really showing signs of fatigue. Maybe Hitch needs to sit down and have a little chat with him.

LTL said...

Great info Soup -- thx for tracking that down for us.

Max -- great point about Tyutin. I think this is the biggest role and the most minutes he's ever logged so perhaps the heavy (HItch-ism) minutes are starting to take a toll. He'll adjust and be fine. I also think he plays much better with Methot than Klesla.

HR - can't believe I forgot the spin-o-rama Vermette pass to RJ...!! That certainly was a jaw-dropper..

Great comments.. keep em comin!


Lane said...

good game & a great response to the Hawks early goal.

like Hitch stated, great to see us come away w/ a win when we didn't play as well as we could've.

one note - teams scouting us (prior & to-date) must be noticing that our defensemen are leaving masons backdoor/side wide open & that just bugs the hell out of me - just lazy. mase had some truly amazing backside saves last pm, but if this isn't shored up they're going to get burned more & more often.

JAL said...

Tyutin is obviously tired. It would be nice to build a cushion and give him a break for a couple of games. Klesla still stunk, but was actually better than against Detroit. He has apparently inherited the Ole Kristian Tollefson "treat the puck like a grenade" approach to puck handling, in Ole's absence.

SoupDog is correct -- 5 - 5 in shootouts. I have us 4 - 1 in OT (Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, San Jose wins, Islanders loss).

We are 18-6-5 in one goal games overall, which is very good. One goal for next year is to increase our victory margins and give the fans' hearts a break!

A Shot From The Point

jeffdury said...

If memory serves me correctly, I think we got San Jose in OT twice, thus the 5-1 record.

JAL said...

Yep -- you were right, missed the last SJ game.

A Shot From The Point