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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fan pics and more..

Picture of "Schun" from Japan with my buddy Gabe who took in his first professional hockey game:

Not only was he partaking in some post game adult beverages and celebrations.. but he also bought a jersey and even was up for the traditional winning headbutt from Gabe:

Well done Schun!

Finally "Jason" (a.k.a. Matt) after the Jackets slashed the Bruins. Pay close attention to the detailing the Jackets equipment staff added to the helmet. Nice touch!

Yeah.. and Commodore is his favorite player hence the double deuce.

Also check out this article from Ed over on titled "New Day Dawns In Columbus"...

Its a great read for CBJ fans and Ed is a frequent poster here who certainly knows his Blue Jackets!



BZArcher said...

Great article! Good job, Ed!

Anonymous said...

It is an awesome article, although something needs to be done about those run-on sentences. ;)