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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Have you caught the fever?

I hope I don't jinx anything and I know I'm getting ahead of myself but I can't help it... Iw've been thinkin alot about this playoff run of late and a lot of "what ifs", "how tos", "whats" and "can you imagines" are running through my cranium..

For instance:

What if they televised the games on the big screen outside the arena down the stretch as long as the games are sold out? Could you imagine how fun that scene could be?

What if we do make it in can we tailgate outside the arena? When, where and how do I make reservations? Or can I just show up, pay my $20 bucks and tailgate away?

What about replica Stanley Cups? One of the funnest traditions in all of playoff hockey is the construction of homemade cups. Have you started brainstorming how to build your own personal cup? Something I just read off a message board:

Be creative... lots of foil, cardboard and glue gun. Some people use bowls and a bucket botton. One guy at the "party in the plaza" today used a beer funnel as the top going through the stanley cup and you could funnel a beer...awesome! Google images of the cup and have fun!

A radio station needs to start a contest!

What if we do make it and do face the Detroit Red doubt I'll make every home game but how about every away game as well?

What will the atmosphere outside of the arena be like? I'm talkin beer gardens, I'm talkin games televised on the big screen with overflow crowds lighting up the Arena District, I'm talkin tailgates, I'm talkin live bands, I'm talkin a festive atmosphere, I'm talkin live Civil War fife.. the works baby! The plans need to start now if they haven't yet. This could be a heck of an opportunity for the AD both locally and nationally.

What if I can't get playoff tickets? That ain't happenin but the question still goes through my mind.

What will the cannon be like in the playoffs?

Will the arena staff
allow flags into the stands... fans waiving flags adds so much to the atmosphere.. I really hope the powers to be let the fans show their fandom. Remember this is our home ice.

What will the R Bar
have in store for us all? I think they'll need to expand their bar over to the building across the street to fit everyone in!

How long will it take to sell out the first round of the playoffs? Once sales hit the general public I give it an hour tops.

Can you imagine Rick Nash in the playoffs?

What will Nationwide display on their building come the playoffs? I'm thinkin "Go Jackets" would be appropriate.

What if the Jackets don't make it? I don't even want to consider it.

There is still quite a lot of work left to do before any of this is realized including a big challenge tonight against a slumping 'hawks team which I'll have more on later.

That doesn't stop my mind from running wild during this stretch run!

Fire away -
what is going through your minds as the Jackets play the most important games in their 8 year on-ice history?



RG said...

I just have chills running through my body reading that! Great read LTL.

roadman said...

I just cannot imagine us not making now... to be soooo.... close. All they have to do is what they been doing, no superhuman effort, don't have to win them all... just win enough!!!!!

GO JACKETS !!!!!!!

Kennedy said...

I'm no math scholar, but if 90 points is the goal, than we need 12points in 12 games... our boys will get this done and we will be taking this party to another level. Oh, if we can tailgate anywhere near the arena than I will be buying an old bus and painting a flag on it... pronto, Tonto!

Stephen said...

I want to see the CBJ set it up, in the playoffs. Playoff hockey is a different gear, and I can't wait to see what we have! Two important pieces in the playoffs? Hot goaltending, and winning your faceoffs, which are two things we have.

Nothing better than hockey in Spring!

Wally said...

I'm looking forward to never hearing "the only team who hasn't made the playoffs" nonsense blah blah blah.

Should be an exciting time... I really hope we don't face Calgary in the first round.

Chimera25 said...

Can't wait, it will be fun! I'll be in attendance tonight. Like so many others, the game tonight is HUGE! With a win we are sittin pretty and could we start thinking about a possible #5 or a #4 seed with home ice in Round 1!!!!!!

I know getting ahead of myself but I can't help it. They have been playing so well lately. Can't wait to see Vermette live for the first time in a CBJ sweater!!!

Go Jackets!!!!

For the first time it wasn't as painful coughing up that cash for NEXT years tickets!!!

JAL said...

The atmosphere is going to be huge, and you will see the Dispatch, 1460, Fox Sports, Nationwide, Huntington all come up with some fun stuff to commemorate the occasion.

I also try to prepare myself for the possiblity that they get nosed out. Don't think it will happen, but it could. Know what? Even if that happened, it has been a remarkable year--to look at the excitement, the improved skill, the thrill of being in virtually every game. Would it be a big disappointment? Absolutely. However, there is no turning back now. Hitch and Howson will only make this team better and better as time goes on.

In the meantime, wife and I will be in 110 tonight and will yell our heads off. We ARE going to the playoffs! Go Jackets!

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