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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eight is enough

Is there anything better than creaming the Wings? Especially in Detroit?

8 goals! Largest margin of victory in Jackets history! Most goals ever scored in one game by a Jackets team!

What a night.

The Jackets needed a big win and they delivered against what we all know is a dangerous opponent in Detroit.

Five players got on the board for Columbus but it was a total team effort from the net on out. They did everything they needed to do and more.


* The offense.. ooooohhh the beautiful offense!!! 1 shorty... 1 PP and 6 even strength goals.. I just hope there is more where that came from!

* Mase was phenominal... stopped 44 of 46 shots.. it ended up being a blowout but he had some game changing stops in the second when it was still 2-0... that save on Franzen with the left leg was of "we are not worthy" quality!

* Jackets wanted some cushion... well they got it in the form of a hatty from the captain. Couple of quick stats -- that was Nash's 4th hatty... 3 of them have came against the Wings. BHG has seen all of Nash's hattys live (he was in Detroit for the first one). The goals also marked Nash's 4th season out of 5 with 30 goals or more. How about the slap shot goal from the monster?

* The Jackets definitely played the body well... two huge hits stand out... Torres when he leveled Lebda and Novotny when he absolutely plastered Kopecky...

* Klesla looked very solid for his first game back in 11 games. 22 minutes.. a helper and a +1.. and was physical in front of the cage.

* Somebody must have told Novotny it's a contract year because he has played some great hockey the past 3 games... really providing some key energy and physical play.

* Team took care of business in all 3 zones... I really liked Malhotra on the backcheck and he broke up what were shaping up to be dangerous chances for the Wings.

* Solid debut for Vermette... did everything I thought he would... strong on the PK and in the circle.. showed some nice speed... really liked that Umberger-Vermette-Williams line..

* The Jackets have not lost a game when Murray scores (assist to Brooke on that one!).

* Talk about breaks finally going the Jackets way...they got bounces... unforced turnovers.... you name it.

* Commodore and Hejda found their mojo last night... Hejda a +3.. Commodore a +1... does anyone take more hits to make a play than Hejda? I'd love to see a stat in terms of who takes the most hits in the NHL.

* PK was as good as you could expect it to be against the best PP in the league... Mase was our best PKer but the boys in front of him played fantastic as well.

* Anchor Bar was fantastic to Jacket fans once again. Thank you.

* Great game by RJ... his 2nd goal was a beauty.

* Nice job by FSN Ohio working all the Jacket fans into the telecast!!

* Last but certainly not least... the CBJ fans who made the trip up north! We had "Jason" and "Blue Hair Guy" in the house... the Jacket Backers... plus a bunch of other pockets throughout the arena... I can't say it enough.. way to represent Jacket fans!!!

* Speaking of Jason... tossing the mask onto the ice... beautiful!! A little payback for them dropping thise octopi in the Nat. He definitely took one for the team in getting tossed.. your next cold one is on me!

* The Jackets got away with it but they need to do a better job staying out of the box against Detroit. They took 5 penalties.

* The usher named "Larry". Total waste of space.

1. Great all around team win!
2. 8 goals... Mase with 46 stops.. somebody pinch me.
3. Jackets fans representin!!

The win bumps the Jackets back into 6th place and sets them up well for two big home games this week against two very good teams in Boston and Pittsburgh.

Lets pack Nationwide and root these boys on!!!




Rick said...

LTL representin' in the motor city! Caught you on the post game last night. What a sweeeeet win!!!

Hitch Rules said...

LTL: Epic win! You should've heard the Red Menance radio folks and those who called in, who attended the game. They, in no way, want to face the CBJ, and they think Mase is an absolute stud, which we already know he is.

But, I have to ask, WTH was puck rakers doing, saying that Dubie was going to start? We love those guys, but, not much of a retraction or backpedal, either.

I can think of only a few teams the CBJ might struggle with, were they to make the playoffs, but, there aren't many. Calgary and the Sharks - and now, I'm not so sure on that one, either, save for their home dominance against the CBJ, but, as they say, these days, they are a changin'

Hitch Rules said...

Sorry, especially to Bob Dylan:

"Times, they are a changin'" - Duh Oh!!!

Andrew said...

maybe Mase got a lil motivation out of that statement from the puckrakers!


Anonymous said...

A huge Bravo Zulu to the whole team...they picked up the "Believe" motto & ran with it! To a man they played with heart, grit, determined effort & came out seeing themselves in a different light than when they left the Sommet Ctr in Nashtuckyville! We've stepped up our presence on & off the ice! The league is taking notice & seeing us as a boulder in their path to the cup vs the stepping stone we've long been regarded as!!! That's the way to want it breaks except those you make for yourself!!! Believe...I sure do! PS welcome aboard Antoine...never thought I'd be welcoming francophones but here it is happening!