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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Vyborny hopes to extend stay in Columbus

A few weeks ago the Columbus Dispatch reported that David Vyborny (pictured left) would like to sign a contract extension to extend his stay as a Blue Jacket. This morning that hope was renewed in another Dispatch article:

"Two years ago, I wanted to go back home so my kids could go to school there," Vyborny said.

What changed?

"My wife," he said, with a grin. "She really likes it here, the kids like it here, and they are in really good schools. The first language they will learn is English. But they can learn to speak Czech at home, from us."

Its obvious coach Ken Hitchcock would like to have him back as well:

"Players like him are gold," coach Ken Hitchcock said. "He's got a lot of skill, right? That's pretty obvious if you've seen him play very many games at all. But I like the fact that he shows up every night ready to play. Guys like that, you want to keep around as much as possible."

Kind of refreshing to hear a player publicly state his desire to remain with a team that quite frankly hasn't had much success on the ice.

The article goes on to state that new Jackets' GM Scott Howson would like to see Vyborny in action for the first couple months of the season before diving into contract negotiations with Vyborny's agent.

Personally I don' think its gonna take the new GM that long to realize what a valuable player David Vyrborny is and will lock him up in the first month of the season assuming reasonable contract terms can be worked out.

Vyborny has averaged 60 points over the past three NHL seasons and has been the Jackets leading scorer the last two. He is as durable as they come only missing two games over that 3 year stretch. He plays on the PP, kill penalties and is defensively responsible. He has the best vision of any current Blue Jacket and has established chemistry with star winger Rick Nash and towards the later end of the season last year, with Fredrik Modin. He's a bargain at 2.2 million a year and I suspect will be asking for around 3 to 3.5 year in the next round of negotiations - a very reasonable price for what he gives this team. He is also the sole remaining original Blue Jacket.

For those reasons and many more I look for 'Vybes' to be locked up sooner rather than later.

From a personal standpoint I love to hear a player of Vyborny's skill level to state publicly their desire to stay with this team and see this thing through b/c lets not kid ourselves, this guy would be gobbled up on the open market for what I'm betting would be more than he'd settle for here. I'd also love to see him experience his first NHL playoff game in a CBJ sweater. Judging by his quotes, I think he feels the same way.

7 days til camp!


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