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Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 4 of camp - Russell impresses

Update on camp from Portzline's blog:

Defenseman Kris Russell is going to be a heck of a player for the Blue Jackets. It may not happen this season, but it’ll happen soon enough. I won't tell you who, but a highly respected hockey guy said a while back that Russell reminds him of Scott Niedermayer when Niedermayer was 20 years old.

It’s guys like Russell who make hockey so much fun to watch. In the midst of all the toughness and physicality there is room for speed and skill and creativity, almost artistry. Some guys are plumbers; Russell is an artist, pure and simple.

He’ll be paired with tough guy Ole-Kristian Tollefsen Tuesday night against the Blackhawks, the Blue Jackets second preseason game. Enjoy.

He also goes has a new entry up that says Rick Nash will be in the lineup again tomorrow as Peca's wing and that stud rookie Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks will also be in the lineup. Unfortunately for us the 'hawks are saving the #1 overall pick from this year, Patrick Kane (pictured above), for Wednesday when the Jackets play at Chicago.

Bummer about Kane but it will be fun to see Toews for the first time. I also excited to see what Peca brings to the lineup especially now that we know #61 will be riding shotgun with him.

We most certainly could have ourselves a big time player with Russell and should also see him tomorrow night. He is one silky smooth player who has a skillset we can desperately use. I've heard him compared to Niedermeyer and I also think he has a lot of Lidstrom in him especially the way he makes things looks so easy. Those are two incredible players to be compared against and if we end up with a player who is 80% of either one of those two then we'll most certainly have a gem on our hands. I think he'll see time this year but probably not right away. This management group is not going to rush anyone.

Read more from Portzline here.


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