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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some more new jersey releases/leaks for you.

Anaheim Ducks

Colorado Avalanche

Buffalo Sabres


So there you have the 4 latest to come out or be leaked. Anaheim and Buffalo released new looks last year and have pretty much just switched their existing templates over to the new Reebok Edge unis.

The Avalanche as you can see from the shots added the horrendous piping that we've see a lot of teams do down the armpits to the sides of the chest.

Not quite sure what to think of Dallas' at this point. Part me kind of likes just the basic print across the front with no logo. Part of me just likes a logo. I know all of me does not like the name and the logo as Vancouver did this season. I'm also fairly certain their road jersey's will have the tradition star logo.

I do have one piece of Jackets info to pass along regarding their new jerseys. I was at the Blueline at Chiller North on my lunch break today buying some tickets for friends and family and was told the new jerseys will be in this Friday, September 14th. The guy did recommend calling before heading over if you have a pre-order. I know this had been released previously but thought I would pass along that things are still on track.

I know I'm biased but I really do love the Jackets new look and the jerseys look even sharper in person. Its between them and Bruins so far as best new looks for me with the Capitals right up there in 3rd.

Edit 09/12/07 4:20 p.m. EST: The Toronto Maple Leafs just unveiled their new jerseys - the one on the right is for the Marlies who are their AHL affiliate:


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