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Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's up with Time Warner?

I called Time Warner this morning to sign up for my annual subscription to Center Ice and after being put on hold for 20 minutes and then ultimately hanging up and calling back, I was told TW is still in negotiations with the Center Ice folks and that I would be put on a "waiting list".

So naturally I brought this up to a friend of mine whose roommate works for TW and he said not only is TW still in negotiations but they haven't come to an agreement to carry FSN Ohio HD of which the Jackets have 24 scheduled games in. He went on to say that the agreement is in place for CI it just needs signatures but wasn't sure where the FSN HD negotiation was at.

So what gives?

There are not many things that could make me switch providers but the lack of Center Ice and Jacket HD games is certainly two of them. Time Warner needs to get their butts in gear and get this resolved. I mean we are talking about a special package that costs $149 bucks - how hard can this be to work out?

My friend also made a good point, Time Warner sponsors the Jackets and there is a section of the seats called the "Time Warner HD Lounge" how backwards would that be if they don't even televise the HD games?

I'll have more on this as it develops. The season kicks off next Saturday Sept 29th in London so not a lot of time left here.


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Matt said...

The cable providers around Columbus have been fascinatingly crap. After some debate I finally told them all to take a hike and got Dish Network, especially since they're slated to start carrying the NHL network in October.

I tried Insight, WOW, and Time Warner and never felt like I was getting good results for my money. Dish, at least so far, has been decent.

You might think about looking at them, especially since HD channels will be included in their Centre Ice package for no extra cost.