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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another work stoppage ahead?

Ever since Ted Saksin was let go and players like Chris Chelios and Eric Lindros have spoken up regarding their stances on a replacement my worries of another work stoppage on the horizon have grown.

Under the current agreement the players have the right to open the agreement after the 4th year which will be two years from now after the 2008-2009 season. I'm about as die hard as they come and I don't think I could stomach another work stoppage.

I was reading THN this afternoon and apparently there are more out there like myself. I will post this Q&A to Adam Proteau of The Hockey News:

I have recently been following the NHLPA's trials and tribulations; their public comments regarding Ted Saskin and now the reaction to the Mark Bell situation. I have also read Bob McKenzie’s blog on regarding how he feels this is a throwback to the old days of the PA vs. Gary Bettman. My question is this: Do we see a fight looming again when the next CBA comes up over the salary cap? Are the players posturing and preparing to basically say "no" to a salary cap of any kind and are they prepared to hunker down for a long and lengthy battle again? Because, if so, I can assure you right now, I will cancel my season tickets to my hockey team (Sharks) at the end of this season rather then watch this fight again.I personally see Chris Chelios, Eric Lindros and all the others getting ready for a fight again over a cap and refusing to settle for any cap at all even though the players are back to making huge bucks again and lo and behold the season ticket prices for the fans are going right back up.

Thank you,

Tony R.

As much as a certain segment of the players – that would be the veteran stars heading to camp on tryout deals, as well as lower and middle-class NHLers who’ve had their salaries squeezed – are unhappy with the current labor agreement, it would be tantamount to professional suicide for them to re-open the CBA when they have the opportunity after the 2008-09 season.There is a group of players – and, just as importantly, player agents – who would love to return to the days where Bob Goodenow’s patented combination of fear and loathing made everybody filthy, stinkin’ rich. But in talking to other, more rational agents, I get the sense many also realize the league and PA need to work together if the game is going to prosper.It will be up to those progressive-minded players and agents, as well as the new NHLPA executive director, to convince the Goodenowians among them that their ancient, crusty philosophy has no place in a sport still recovering from their last, massive collective error in judgment. And to answer your question, I think cooler heads will prevail and we’ll have uninterrupted NHL hockey until at least 2011.

I'm encouraged by Adam's response but we've seen this league and its union miss a complete year of hockey over stubbornness. I was happy w/ the CBA as a fan and its clear the players are doing just fine in the in the pocketbook area. I think it would be league suicide to even think of having another work stoppage as an option not only in two years but even when the CBA expires in 2011.

Not playing is not an option for a league that became the first one ever in the history of pro sports to miss a season.


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