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Monday, September 24, 2007

"A breath of fresh air"

Adam Proteau of The Hockey News had this to say about John H. McConnell in his blog:

Who says you can’t believe anything that comes out of an NHL owner’s mouth? Get a load of this dose of reality from Blue Jackets owner John H. McConnell, who was asked by ever-intrepid Columbus Dispatch reporter Aaron Portzline why former GM Doug MacLean was fired last season:“

He had a habit of making people mad at him,” McConnell said of Tampa Bay’s soon-to-be minority owner. “I told him one time, 'Never fight with the people who buy their ink by the barrel.' That's an old saying, but I don't think Doug understood that. Doug was a good guy. I liked him. But he had a quick temper and a big ego. Those two don't mix.”

Nice one, Mr. McConnell. I’m beginning to understand why the Columbus faithful serenaded you with a multi-minute standing ovation at the NHL draft this summer.

What else can you say? How can you not love this guy as an owner! He does it for all the right reasons.


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