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Friday, September 21, 2007

All 30 new Reebok Edge jerseys now unveiled

I saw this picture over on and wanted to share it here. Its a group shot of all 30 new Reebok Edge home jerseys :

You can find a bigger picture of the shot here.

Favorites for me in terms of teams that actually made changes go:

1. Bruins

2. Jackets

3. Capitals

You also can't go wrong with the original 6. I think Chicago's unis will always be my all time favorite.

It interesting to look at them grouped together like this. 11 jerseys are primarily blue. 9 are primarily red. 7 are primarily black. That's 27 of the 30 teams who are made up of 3 colors.

Pretty much every place I've read about the new unis have the Jackets as being much improved and a lot pick them as one of their favorites.

I remember when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL made their uni change from those horrid orange deals to their new pirate color scheme a few years ago and coincidentally their team also improved --- hmm....something to think about Jacket fans.


1 comment:

pete goegan said...

That picture is evidence of why all home teams should wear white: if the home team is in a colored sweater, all visiting teams look pretty much the same - white. Wouldn't you rather have the Jackets in white and see all of these colorful sweaters come through town?