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Monday, September 10, 2007

Attn: Hockey Gamers

The annual face off between hockey's two gaming giants is set for another round as the games are set to launch tomorrow September 10th, 2007. So what's it gonna be this year hockey gamers? Will it be:

EA's NHL 08


2KSports' NHL 2K8

That is the question many hockey gamers will be asking themselves tomorrow as they lineup to purchase their favorite game at local retail outlets throughout North America. So which is better? I'm certainly not a professional gamer but I do own a 360 and make it a point every year to pick up the latest hockey game. I typically lean towards the 2K series as I like my games to be more of a sim as opposed to an arcade feel which the EA games tend to lean towards. That said I did download the latest demo of the EA game and I was very impressed.

Regardless of the game you choose, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how Columbus looks in their new jerseys and seeing that shiny new logo at the center of the ice in Nationwide Arena. Here is a glimpse of the Jackets new digs from the EA game:

So enjoy your gaming tomorrow hockey fans as we get set for the opening of camps later this week!


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