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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brief video highlights of CBJ-Buffalo game on & more

Quick post to those that want to see some brief highlights from the Jackets-Buffalo matchup last night. has footage of the brawl involving Boll and Sestito and also Brule's first goal and what a sweet pass by Voracek - wow!

Check it out here.

Also some fun quotes from the Buffalo news about the game:

“The young kids are up now. They’re trying to make teams, trying to prove something,” Chimera surmised. “The Hanson Brothers came out there and played well. They’re playing hard, and sometimes they feel they have to do that to make the team. It’s good to show that. It was fun.”

“It took a physical tone,” Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said. “Sometimes that just happens.”

“I was just trying to police the whole thing, grab ahold of a guy or two guys and make sure they knew that I was there and we were all in there together,” Peters said. “I looked over and saw Sekera getting hit and I saw Toni [Lydman] getting hit, and I’d had enough. I said this guy’s not going to do this to my teammates and get away with it unscarred. I did what I had to do. A guy hits your teammates, when’s enough enough?”

“Some stuff will carry over [to Sunday],” Chimera said. “Some guys took some numbers, and if they’re playing again I’m sure they’ll be after each other again. Rivalries like that are awesome. It’s what makes the game great.”

The article also notes that Buffalo's Drew Strafford left the game with an immobilized arm.


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