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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Vote for Jackets new goal song!

Its official - the Gary Glitter goal song era is officially over at Nationwide Arena:

The Blue Jackets, along with several other NHL teams and the entire NFL, will no longer be playing Gary Glitter's "Rock N Roll Part 2". Now is your opportunity to cast your vote for the song that will become the celebration anthem of a Blue Jackets goal.

Each selection has been carefully chosen based on it's tempo, interactive opportunity as well as its status of few to no other teams using it as their signature goal song.

Each of the songs will be rotated throughout preseason in order to evaluate them in a real game setting. You may review them in-arena at a game or here on the web and cast your vote accordingly. The winning song will be revealed on opening night when the Jackets score their first goal of the regular season!

Follow the link below to listen to the options they present and vote. After listening to the options I think they all have potential.

I'm kinda bummed they didn't go with something original ....the NY Rangers have a fantastic original goal song although the Von Bondies song listed is similar which is a good thing. Here is the Rangers tune:

They are all certainly better than Will Smith "Switch" which failed miserabley two years ago. They definitely got the demographic right this time. I also think its awesome they are giving the fans a voice in the selection.

So go vote now @

My next question is -- now what about the cannon?


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