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Sunday, September 2, 2007

For those about to rock - FIRE!

So it does appear Garry Glitter has finally been layed to rest as the goal celebration song after the Jackets score a goal. What's next you may ask? Well according to the Dispatch this morning a cannon, or at least cannon fire, will be part of the celebration:

"Something different that hockey fans might hear during the coming season: cannon fire after each Blue Jackets goal."

Personally I think this a great idea if executed properly. Hopefully the powers that be don't cop out and just play cannon fire over the PA system -- instead, bring in the real thing to really make it a unique experience, one that can not only be used to celebrate goals and victories but also a represent unique symbol to the CBJ in game experience.

So for those Columbus Blue Jacket fans about to rock:


Now lets just hope we have many more opportunities for cannon fire this year than we did the last.

11 Days til Camp!


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