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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vids from Boston

Here are a couple of videos shot by David of last night's game vs. the Boston Bruins:

Blunden - Fata fight:

Dorsett-Stuart fight:

Picard-Larmen fight:


Just a side not on Picard. I think it was about two years ago when his whole game was to try to get under the skin of opponents and then skate away and let someone else clean up the mess he started. My how far he has come since those days. Now he is as confrontational as anyone and has certainly learned to handle himself and clean up his own messes.

Awesome vids David. Thank you very much for sharing!!



Max said...

Nice little collection of scraps there! I hope picard makes the big club. Looks like he'll do the same as last year, start up top with all the injuries.

On a side note to your side note, LTL: Did you see who gave Picard a big ol' high five when he got off the ice? Jakub Voracek. I see this kid as being the guy everyone likes in the lockerroom. He's a great interview. Do you think any of this translates into leadership qualities? I hope they get him signed long term next year. He loves this city and this team. Hell he even shouts LEO!!! before every game!

Filatov's goal looked so effortless. Wow...

LTL said...

Great observation about him shouting "Leo" Max.. that is hilarious... will have to check that out next game.

..but yeah, totally with ya on Voracek... he seems to love this team and is "all in" as Hitch would say. To answer your question I think there are definitely leadership qualities with him.

This sounds kind of corny but there is just that bond that is always there between a player and the team that drafts them that I think that you can never recreate. Sometimes it goes sour but when it hits it's something special. There is loyalty on both sides that develops. We see it w/ Nash.. I think it's already there with Brass, Mase and Voracek as well.

I really believe the Jackets have a chance to do something with this core over the next decade.


Bridge Design said...

Thanks for the video David.

I'm with you Max. Picard is a true warrior. He's unselfish and plays team hockey, unafraid to get dirty. I'm really rooting for that guy!

CBJ_Nut said...

LTL: I totally agree with your comments about the bonding of our young drafted players as a team. These guys see the CBJ as THEIR team because it is so young and is now made up of so many of its own draftees. With these guys "bought in", the future is very bright for the Jackets, I think.