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Monday, September 7, 2009

First look at CBJ's new organ!

First off I'd like to thank Jason for sharing these with this blog and all of us fans out there.

Without further adu here is the Jackets brand spanking new Hammond B3 organ!

She's a beaut Clark!!

Great pic of Mase signing what looks to be a blown up version of his Upper Deck hockey card.

Is there a prettier site than a freshly laid sheet with that beautiful CBJ logo beaming in the middle? Okay I can think of many, mostly female, but man those pics get me jacked up for some hockey!!



Anonymous said...

Those Pictures where supposed to be given to season ticket holders who paid in full early for this up coming season. Does anyone know about when we are supposed to get them

LTL said...

That's a pretty cool gift this year Jack.

I'm a partial so unfortunately I don't have any info but if I do hear something I'll definitely pass along.


JN said...

Well, we have a 10 game pack, and our invite was for Friday evening (5:30 to 9PM).

Zero wait for Mase, and he even posed for a picture with my son (they said no to that in the invite, but it was just him and us).

I know they had one Thursday night, but that is all I heard. The picture is sweet. He signs it, then you move to the Bud Light Terrace, and they frame it right there!

the Jester said...

*sniff sniff* ahh, I smell hockey!

Bre said...

:( You mean season ticket holders dont get this awesome pic unless your paid in full?

CBJ_Nut (formerly "snappy") said...

LTL: I received my "Upper Deck" (yup, a large version of Mason's "baseball card") framed picture last Thursday night (9/3) along with other full season ticket holders who had paid in full for this season. Guess this provided an incentive for ticket holders to pay up. Anyway, Mase was great in autographing the picture and it is very nice! The whole event was very well organized and went very smoothly and quickly. Had a chance to chat with Steve although briefly. (I am surprised that "JN" reports that 10-pack purchasers were afforded the same benefit. I was told this was for full season ticket holders only. Hmmmm.) Anyway, as an added bonus we were able to witness the very first spray of water going down on the chilled concrete and the very first ice forming. That really got the hockey hormones going!

Bre said...

Thanks "CBJ Nut" Im a season ticket holder for the first time this season and I didnt even know of the chance for this perk (maybe if I knew about it I could have got my last payment in before this) :(
And Im suprised about "JN" comment as well, just keeps me in a confused state....LOL Wish I could have experienced this whole event, sounds AWESOME!

LTL said...

Thanks nut.

I'm a partial who paid in full and I haven't heard a peep about any of this.

I was also under the impression only full season ticket holders received this perk.

I'll give the ole rep a call tomorrow to see if I can get some clarification and will report back.


CBJ_Nut (formerly "snappy") said...

Bre: My sales rep kept me informed about the Mason-autographed framed picture incentive. Guess she was trying to get me to pay up. Fine with me. She has always been very interactive and very quickly answers questions, etc. After I paid in full, I received a couple of email reminders of the Sept 3rd event. Anyway, now that is done and I have received the tickets so now let the games begin!!!! I can't wait.

LTL said...

Whelp it turns out I was mistaken (not the first or last time) -- I did not play in full before the March 13th deadline so I was ineligible for the gift.

Here were the details sent to me by my rep:

"In your season ticket renewal packet you got in the mail earlier this year, it said that if you paid-in-full before March 13th, you would be eligible for the paid-in-full gift.

The PIF gift was only available for 10, 20 and full-season ticket plans, so 6-game plan holders were not eligible."

So there you have it!