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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stat of the day and more

The Hockey News had an interesting stat in their latest addition related to offseasons. According to them the NHL has the shortest:

League Days
NFL 221
MLB 158
NBA 135
NHL 111

That isn't necessarily surprising as we all know the NHL has one helluva a grind, especially in the playoffs, but it is interesting to see the difference between the leagues.

The Jackets played their first game in the Traverse City prospect tourney losing 2-1. Legein got the lone goal.

To check out the box score to this game and all future games be sure to visit this site.

The Jackets play their 2nd game against the Blues on Monday at 6:30 and then wrap it up on Wednesday vs. the Stars on at 3 p.m. Full schedule can be found here.

Kind of a bummer that there is no coverage on the NHL Network this season.

Puck-rakers let us know the other day that the new organ the Jackets are putting in place for next season will be a Hammond B3. Here is a picture of one:

For those interested in how much one of these baby's cost there isn't much pricing available on-line. Ebay has some used one priced anywhere from 5 to 12 thousand.

Now just throw on a fresh new coat of union blue paint with the Jackets logo and we are in business!

Cool vid about the Pelotonia over on I've posted it below:

Less than 5 days til camp... can you believe it?!!

Have a great Labor Day!

Go Jackets!



Max said...

LTL, what does the stat "League Days" mean? If I recall, doesn't baseball play 162 games in a year? Hmmm

LTL said...

Actually those are two seperate headers (still can't figure out how to tab in this blogger deal).

So "league" for NHL/NBA/etc and "days" is how many days off they have in the offseason.


Max said...

Oh! Wow those are impressive numbers. Very interesting. Thanks for the explanation, LTL.

P.S. How'd you end up last session? My team won the D-South Championship for Sunday!

LTL said...

Congrats on your win!! Wear that t-shirt proud my man!!

I actually had to pull out of both of my teams mid-way through due to hip flexor but Thurs D went to game before the finals and Sun D made it to finals and lost 3-2 :(

I'll be back at it this Thurs. I'm jonsing for it too!