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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pic of the day

Yep.. your second "pic of the day" installment. This time it's the Mens Hockey Buckeyes debuting their new digs:

Honestly have you ever seen a program in any sport that changes their jersey's so often? I think they get new ones every season.

These look pretty sharp though.

Also here is a great read about Filatov from AOL's FanHouse.

Asked if he has watched how his countryman and video game cover boy Alexander Ovechkin has become arguably the NHL's biggest star, Filatov said, "Yes. It is an amazing story. Alexander is a model for many Russian players, someone to look up to."

Filatov laughed. "Hey, right now I just want to make the Columbus Blue Jackets."

Then he amended his objectives. "I want to make the team," Filatov said, "and I want to be a real part of the team."

Thanks for Junemoon over on HF for the tip.



jemhuff said...

Interesting that the numbers on the sleeves are actually up around the shoulder area like in football.

Max said...

Due to OSU's contractual obligations with Nike, I believe they are required to change uniforms every game.

OK so I lied. But it really seems like it. I don't like all the jersey jostle, I just wish they'd stick with one. But, the money whores the University and Nike both are, I guess we're stuck with this. Blah.