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Friday, September 25, 2009

CBJ vs. Pens - open post

I was not able to attend last night so I wanted to open a post up to get some thoughts from the folks that were able to see the game it.

I was able to listen to most of it online and of course have checked the stat sheet - which of course never tells the whole story.

Lots of names on the scoresheet with Nash, Brass and Voracek leading the way.

Also seemed to be a very physical affair with the Pens gooning it up at the end with Dorsett and Roy each answering the bell with two fights a piece.

By all accounts Mase was solid and Filatov was pretty invisible.

Fire away - let's hear your Green/Yellow/Red lights! How was game ops?



Stephen said...

1. Brassard will score 80+ points, given he stays healthy. He made a pass in the 3rd period that would make Gretzky proud. Between the legs to the slot, I didn't see who missed the shot, but if Nash, or Husselius are there, its a play of the night. His pass on the PP goal was a GEM. He cranked back his stick like he was going to fire one, and then a quick pass through the crease to Nash...GOAL!

2. Everything people have been saying about John Moore is dead on. Great skater, just needs some fine tuning on decision making. HE is our puck moving defenseman, just like Brass is our center.

3. Sammy P. is a PEST. His fore-checking behind the net was impressive last night.

4. Filly - only a few touches. Nothing special, although you can clearly see his is quick.

5. Mason looked sharp, which was nice to see.

6. The music & organ...AC/DC, Led Zep, even Ray Charles. MUCH better atmosphere.

Pumpkin Man said...

I will agree with Stephen in the fact that Brassard will have a great season. I can't wait to see the full line with Nash and Juice.

First time I watched Morre and he is the future. I want him soon, but know that major junior and maybe even a year in the AHL will be so helpful. He will be a monster in juniors.

Nikita looked like he was trying to make plays instead of taking it to the net on the few times he had the puck.

Our depth on this team is finally much better then EVER! I really like Picard now. He goes tot he net, he gets is nose dirty, and he stands up for himself and his team. Clitsome looks to be the best choice right now for the 7th defensmen. He looked better then Roy and Clitsome was used on the PP.

Mason showed up big-time when the young defense we used last night had there mistakes.

Dorsett looks like he really worked hard in the off season on his game and his skills. He looks confident with the puck and knows what he is going to do with it. Much better then last year.

Games Ops. were much beter, but still a ways to go I believe.

Wally said...

LOL... there were a few movie reel gaffes in the 3rd. I wish they'd just drop it entirely.

Completely off topic: Another improvement could be music volume. We went to the Pens game a week ago and the volume wasn't annoyingly loud, but loud enough to buzz the seats a little. It definitely added some energy to the crowd, but at Nationwide, I can barely understand the announcers or hear the song being played... Otherwise, I think CBJ fans are just afraid to make noise. It sucks how quiet it gets sometimes.

Back on topic... great game. Can't wait till there are points attached to a win.

jemhuff said...

I did like the movie clip (I can't remember the movie's name) where Jean-Cladue Van Damme is beating the crap of the Penguins mascot in the kitchen area. It was played after one of the fights.

Chris said...

'Sudden Death'...Classic Van Damme movie.

Game was very enjoyable to watch. Really excited for the regular season and see these guys perform in a game that counts. Team needs to go out and prove "experts" like Burnside wrong and prove last year was no fluke.

eplagge said...

I am the only one who's getting a little worried about Nikita's performance so far.. listening to the radio last night I didn't even know he played... and reports from people here aren't too encouraging either.. let's hope this kid steps it up quickly...

CBJ_Nut said...
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CBJ_Nut said...

@eplagge: Nope, you're not the only one. I have blogged this somewhere before that I am also concerned about Filatov. Maybe my expectations have been set too high. I was a the Pens game and he was largely invisible. He is a smooth skater but he seems to take himself out of the play. Maybe it was more so in the game against Boston that he held on to the puck too long and often had the puck swiped from him. On the other hand, at times he has shown flashes of substantial skill. If you compare him to Moore in the last couple of games, for example, Moore was very noticeable with his passing and play making, this for a defenseman. He is fun to watch. But, Filatov is still very young and inexperienced. Hopefully he will come around under Hitch's coaching.

Patrick said...

Filatov is looking out of his element because he probably is. I'm guessing that he was given free reign to do whatever he wanted in years past, and is now struggling to adjust to a "system" coach. Of course he's going to struggle. I'm pretty sure Hitch wants him to struggle.

That said, I'm not too worried about it. He seems to want to learn. I think he'll be a monster once he figures himself out.

Thankfully, we have the forward depth to cover if he doesn't. This is a new era, one where we have competition for jobs. Nice problem, right?