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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Modin - Hurt Again

"BIG" shocker - Freddie Mo's out, again...

It's been reported that Mo has missed more games than he's played in the past 2 seasons. But, c'mon, even when he played, "Skates of Cement" has been six steps slow, at best.

Is the man a warrior? No doubt. Has he played thru injuries, for prior NHL teams and the CBJ? Absolutely - just as recent as last year, when he played with broken toes.

But, there's a fine line between being a warrior and being selfish, and not helping the team, or perhaps letting the ego get the best of you, and I think, in this case all 3 apply.

Heck, you tell me: How many games has this guy REALLY played the past 2 seasons? 5? 6?

I know I'm not gonna be popular with Jacket Nation, but, I still contend that last year's "Brett Favre" moment with Freddie Mo was during last year's SC Playoffs. The man's out for, what, the last 15-20 games of the regular season, comes to Hitch and declares himself to play? Does ANYONE not see this as being all about Freddie?

OK, if I'm being negative, what was the result of his "valiant" pimping his way into the lineup? Yep, skates of cement, looked totally out of place - and it took Hitch a few games to put him onto a later line.

What about the effort and performance of the guys who WERE healthy, and who actually HELPED the CBJ get into the playoffs for the first time? I guess they have to take a step on the pine - after all, Freddie's back and wants to be on the 2nd line.

To coin a Forrest Gump line, "Selfish is as selfish does..."

And, can anyone tell me what Freddie Mo the "D" writers were looking at, during training camp? Myself, many others, even our astute LTL himself noted he's pretty much "just there"; however, the "D" writers continued to tell us how great he looks in camp. Then again, they also proclaimed, for a certain misfit forward - I won't name names, but he wears no. 25 - that "the speed is back" - even when he was, at best, 80% - meaning: he was tentative, and trying to think, and that ain't a good thing with no. 25 - dude ain't exactly going to Oxford...

As we all know, it's been near impossible to find 1 mistake Mr. Howson's made since he's assumed the GM position - but, I believe we've found that one mistake. If there ever was a prima fasciae case of a contract buyout - wish it were over the summer, prior to training camp, I believe this is it.

It's been said that the reason Hitch went with Mo, on the 2nd line, essentially sight unseen, was that Hitch absolutely loves the (Mo's) body and loves the game, but, I ask all of you, what body? What game? From what year?

Well, now it's too late - we're stuck with one last year of IR Freddie - and, when "healthy", essentially useless and certainly not helping the organization.

I'm sure my rant doesn't sit well with most or all of you, but, I feel pretty comfortable that I'm right...


SoupDog said...

Maybe not doing a buyout is for the best - now if Mo recognizes that he just handle the requirements, he will retire. No salary cap hit like a buyout would have.

Mase1 said...


BTW, great name! Epic...

I know exactly what you mean - remember, this is a budget, not a salary cap, team. We all know exactly why he's been kept around - no one wants him, and, by buying out his contract, you're essentially peeing away the buyout portion.

But, I do still contend this dude's a bit of a narcassist - I also wish they'd have tried, perhaps prior to the season starting, before he went IR Freddie - what, during game 5 of the regular season? - to deal him off, and go with the young corps - the same young corps who ACTUALLY got them into the playoffs, we'd not be in this predicament.

Lesson learned - albeit a painful one. Thanks for your insights!

Patrick said...

Mase1, overall, you're right.

But I must admit, I also thought Freddy looked good when I saw him in the Owners Cup games. Maybe because I'm used to seeing him in a 3-piece suit and not a jersey, so of course he looked good! Guilty!

Maybe it was just wishful thinking that he had put the injuries behind him. I still think he was our most effective forward 2 (or 3, it's all a blur) seasons ago. When he's on, he's a good player. But, sadly, the years seem to be catching up.

Tom said...

No argument with anything presented thus far.

I never looked at Freddy as a starter this season...just a placeholder until he got injured. Sad, but true.

Kinda stinks to be payroll deadwood.

Chris said...

Can't argue with your position. I like the guy but he is becoming (or has become) an expensive boat anchor.

roadman said...

First of all let me say that I agree with your premise. Freddie Mo's better days are behind him and perhaps it would be a better thing if he were to retire or what ever it might take.

But please. Narcissist? Pimping his way into the lineup? Selfish? Ego? You yourself said the man has been a warrior so give him the respect a player of his heart and courage deserves.

If you have to rag out, do it on those MAKING those decisions: the coach and general manager and not the player who they felt offered the team the best chance to win at the time.

Decisions are frequently made that we as fans of the team may not agree with. Those decisions are made based on the facts that those decision makers have at their hands that we may not have.

Do we have the right to disagree? Absolutely!
Should we raise questions when we disagree? Absolutely!

But we need to remember to ask the questions of the people making the decisions and not personally challenging players unless it is a question of effort or heart. And I don't think that there has ever been a question of Feddie's heart or effort.

OK now my rant is over.

Mase1 said...

Roadman: Yeah, in hindsight, it was a case of frustration - perhaps it's similar to Brett Favre in not knowing when to let it go. But still, if you do recall, Mo did not play for the last 15-20 games - a player's got to know, warrior or not, if he's really 100% - 60 to 80%'s not helping the team, when there are able bodies who have been playing and are willing to step in.

But, at some point, you have to be a team guy and come to grips with the fact that you really can't, to coin a Hitch term, compete.

From Hitch's perspective, yes, sometimes a player's legacy can jaundice a decision - I mean, if he asks Freddie if he can go, and he says 'yes', what other choice does he have.

So, in hindsight, apologies for using a few inproper terms to describe Freddie.

As for Mr. Howson, that was a bit of what he inherited - Freddie has a NTC - so, coupled with the broken down health/abilities, and being a budget team, he's now basically stuck with him - can't trade him, apparently can't buy out his contract.

wesleylaw said...

ESPECIALLY the Play Offs ...
Time for Mo to go
Resolves 1 of the forward competition.

eplagge said...

Wow I am a little surprised people are getting heated up over the Modin situation... yes the guy has been a warrior and when he does play he usually adds something to our team..if.. he's at least 80%... Unfortunately he's been in the shop more then Pascal LeClaire during hockey season, not a good thing...

I agree with LTL it's time to buy out his contract... yes it's painful to a budget team and a buy out is something that will only be used as a last resort BUT who really thinks he will have more then 20 healthy games this season ?? (LTL good subject for poll)... In my personal estimation that would be a 50/50 shot at best... I think it's time to commence with the buyout as he simply doesn't have any trade value..

Here is the math... ( I could be incorrect, please correct me if I am wrong )...

Remaining salary: 3.5M (3.25M cap hit)

2/3 of the amount... 2.31M (2.15M)

Spread over twice the years remaining (1 year left)

09/10 = 1.15M ............ 10/11 = 1.15M

Of course Freddy Mo will still get paid his normal amount but our Cap hit for this year will be over 2M less, money that could be used to obtain an offensive Defenseman....

LTL said...

Just one thing I'll add is that I believe it's past the window if teams wanted to buyout any contracts.

So in other words unless Howson finds a way to move him (with his NTC) or someone claims him on waivers - he is stuck with Freddy Mo for the remainder of the season


the Jester said...

Get him off my team! I've been saying it since mid-last year! I can't believe we didn't ship him off pre-draft but I suppose nobody would take ole Freddy. Now it's time for him to GO! He has absolutely nothing left to say except that he is SORRY. I used to really admire Modin before he came here.

Now we can actually focus on the real forward battles!