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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Torres on the block?

MacLean strikes again with this little nugget I grabbed from

Former Columbus GM Doug MacLean, on the FAN radio in Toronto, says the Blue Jackets are pitching Raffi Torres and Jason Chimera to get a puck-moving defenceman. Torres is out with back spasms and Chimera is recovering from being face-planted into the boards by the Minnesota Wild's Eric Belanger.

First I'm hearing of any "official" reports (if you can call MacLean "official") of Torres' name being shopped.

Make sense though.

Torres has one year left on his deal and doesn't have a NTC. It's no secret the Jackets have to clear out some salary if they hope to obtain another puck mover on the backend.

The problem is will there be any more interest in Torres as there is for Chimera? I would say from a contract position absolutely since it's only a year. Still though he's slated to make 2.75 million and he does have health concerns.

I really like Raffi and am looking forward to what he can contribute with 100% health but unless management rethinks the internal budget -- it's clear that someone's salary has to exit before a d-man enters -- that salary could be Torres.

I think the ultimate solution here is going to be for management to grit their teeth and up the budget by a couple more million.

Pretty easy to type such things when it's not my dough.



Anonymous said...

What does Doug have to name players? Throwing Torres name out there only makes Howson's job that much harder and being a former GM you would think that DM knows that. I don't understand why he has to name drop and potentially tick off Torres and Howson. I get the feeling Doug would throw his own son under a bus if it got him another gig in the NHL instead of watching it from afar. He needs to stop meddling with Columbus.

I would also like to know how he got his information from.

LTL said...

Good questions... Maybe he's still got connections inside the "org" but that's just pure speculation on my part.


Max said...

Who's left in the organization from his days? Maclean has no idea what he's talking about. I would think Porty and TR would have mentioned this to us before Dougie.

As far as Torres is concearned, right now he probably doesn't have much trade value. Look what we gave up to get him. But we all know how explosive he can be. As far as his injury goes, it was a bad knee injury. Sometimes those knees just take a really long time to heal all the way. Look for Torres to be one bad ass mother this season for the Jackets.

Paul said...

Why does anybody listen to MacLean? He knows as much of what's going on with the Jackets as McLean Stevenson (Whom Dougie the flop resembles) does. Has anybody noticed that all of MacLean's so-called "inside information" has been wrong? Who cares what he says?

Chimera25 said...

The salary that needs to move for a puck moving defenseman is Fredrick Modin. I know, no one wants him but you should be able to get a bag of pucks and a Goalie board for him. Maybe a young team would just take him for his veteran leadership. He is a stiff and a huge disappointment. Please don't hold back Filatov again, to keep him on the roster. Let the young kids play.