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Monday, September 21, 2009

Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Blue Jackets

Not only have the Jackets gotten beat up on the scoreboard going 0-3 thus far this preseason but they have gotten beat up in the personnel department as well.

To recap:

Freddy Modin is out 4 to 6 weeks with another knee sprain.

Jason Chimera had his head run through a board and his status is unknown.

Tom Sestito had his head run through the ice after a fight with Vader's protege Jordan Tootoo and his status is also unknown.

Marc Methot has been out due to an "upper body strain".

Needless to say it's been a rough start to the first week of preseason.

If there is any silver lining in these injuries its that the majority happened to the position the Jackets are the deepest in which is wing. You gotta figure Torres will fill in one of those spots on the 3rd line with the other positions to be fought out by Murray/Filatov/Dorsett/Boll/Picard/Blunden.

With four more games to go so let's hope these injuries stop right now.

I didn't get to listen to the games over the weekend due to being out of town. Sounds like they were anything but memorable. The Jackets blew more leads and judging from Hitch's quotes the veterans have been slow to get out of the gate. It does sounds like our starting goaltending has been impressive which is somewhat comforting.

The Jackets get their first taste of home ice preseason action tonight. Let's hope they snap out of this funk as you don't want poor performances bleeding over into the regular season.

The Jackets made some more cuts yesterday. To me the news is not the names that were cut as opposed to the names who weren't.

Matt Calvert is still in the mix as well as Stephan Legein and John Moore. Moore impressed me in the scrimmages and by all accounts he's been nothing but impressive since. I wasn't sure how long Calvert or Legein would last so the fact they are still here shows they made some positive impressions on the Jackets brass.

Anybody on the bubble defensively is still in camp... guys like Clitsome, Sigalet, Liffiton, Roy, Lynch and now Holden are still in the hunt for that 7th d-man spot. I get the sense that there hasn't been a whole lot of separation in this group.

For those that haven't seen this yet, the Jackets came in at 13th on TSN's 30 teams in 30 days list. Not a whole lot to disagree with in their assessment. You can check that out here.



Wally said...

I don't want to point a finger at the farm team goalies, but the starters have been pretty damn good. 4 goals in Pittsburgh should have been a win, and being one goal up in the third (Nashville) should have at least gone to overtime.

BZArcher said...

Why point at the farm team when Lalande has been OK?

I think the finger goes to Mr. Lacosta. Danny's getting challenged this year by the organization (Lalande there to push him, Loverock being invited to Syracuse's camp, etx) and so far, he's failed to step up.

CBJ_Nut said...

If anyone hasn't seen the YouTube clip of the Tootoo-Sestito fight the other night, here is a link to a good article in SI and the embedded clip:

Scary, very scary.

CBJ_Nut said...

Seems like my link to the fight was cut off. Here's another try:



You might have to cut and paste

LTL said...

Thanks for the heads up Nut... I'll get that fight it's own post!