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Friday, September 4, 2009

Out of nowhere

Jacket fans should see a lot more of that over the next 5 seasons.

In case you haven't heard yet the Blue Jackets future at center certainly got a little clearer today with the announcement that Derick Brassard has signed a 4 year extension worth an annual cap hit of 3.2 million.

That kind of came out of nowhere eh Jacket fans?

Brassard will be 22 at the end of the month. This deal will take him until the age 26 when he will still have 1 more year left of restricted free agency. That means he will still be the Jackets property after the deal expires albeit with arbitration rights.

Not that this is scientific or worth any weight but when deals like this get done I ask myself one simple question - would I have done it?

Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

This deal certainly carries it's fair share of risk.

True Brassard has only played in just 48 games over two seasons.

True he has been injured on/off the past 3 seasons (if you go back to his final season in junior with Drumondville of the QMJHL).

..but here is why it's worth the gamble:

Brassard fills a major organizational weakness at that center position. He is competitive, fiery and has world class skill. He is the kind of player you build with and has showed enough last season that he is can not only play, but excel in this league.

...and c'mon the dude has admitted to hating the Wings. That's worth an extra mil to me right there!

As far as the money with the amount skill players are getting now in their second contract Brassard's contract slots into that group. It is a big contract given his short NHL career thus far but based on what on what we've seen it could be a bargain as soon as this year.

Here's are a couple "ifs" to chew on.

What "if" Brassard goes onto score 70+ points this year which I think is very do-able? Would you rather negotiate that contract now or next season?

What "if" Brassard only manages to score in that 50 to 60 point ranges? That contract still isn't bad for a 2nd line center.

The only way I see this contract going sour is "if" Brassard can't stay healthy which is a legit concern that he'll have to answer the only way he can - by staying on the ice.

The biggest question I have outta this news is where does this leave Vermette? That is a question I'll take a stab at tomorrow.



Lawrence said...

That is a good question LTL. I believe Scott had a reason to sign Brassard first. Brassard is expected to be the first line center and a solid contract on Derrick might help guide the discussion on Antoinne. I know Vermette is an UFA and Brassard only a RFA, but it is something to measure the center position monetarily.

Wally said...

His comments in today's paper show what kind of player he really is... it's all about the team, not about the coin. Great attitude!

Max said...

Scott Howson makes a risk, but it's calculated. The injury to Brassard is similar to an injury suffered earlier in his career to the other shoulder, and that one has no problems. I think Derrick can make the majority of the games this season (75+) and will be a force. I'm so excited for CBJ hockey. I will be at the Sept. 13 camp game.