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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pic of day + news on R Bar offseason acquisitions!

This season you will find this "urinal target" (which I will frequently visit) as well as targets for Chicago and Nashville in the stall's of your favorite hockey bar -- the R Bar.

Other new additions at the 'R' passed on to me include:

* Kitchen. The permit expected to be completed end of September and they are attempting to be open by opening night (Oct 3rd)
* Bud Light Crease by the NHL boards
* Sound outside for games
* Mounted flat screen for patio (pictured below in a fuzzy pic from my iPhone)

* Additional beer carts
* More memorabilia
* Larger selection of beers on tap

Just like a good hockey team... a good hockey bar never rests in the offseason be it development from within (kitchen) or outside acquisitions (TV and sound)!


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