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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This and that

Rick from The Hockey Writers has a great piece on our favorite hockey home away from home the R Bar. Check it out here.

ESPN ranks the Jackets 24th in their first power rankings of the season:

Hard to believe Steve Mason will be able to replicate his extraordinary rookie-season success. If he can't, there will be trouble aplenty in Columbus.

Burnside really has no clue outside of the big market teams does he? Pathetic. Thanks to Chris for the heads up.

Check out this Rick Nash "couch session" over on ESPN:

Check out "Hockey Night in Blogdom" for a look at all 30 NHL teams. You may recognize a contributor!

Nikita Filatov checks in at Hockey's Future #3 overall prospect behind John Tavares and Victor Hedman:

With an uncanny knack for the net, Filatov continues to be one of the NHL’s most exciting up and coming players. The quick Russian forward is a pure goal scorer and uses his world-class wrist shot to wreak havoc on opposition netminders. He is also known for having a great set of hands and the ability to use them at while at high speed. What makes Filatov ever more dangerous is his unselfish play. He is a strong passer and doesn’t hesitate to dish the puck off to his linemates. Despite his tremendous talent, Filatov still has things to work on. He will need to add muscle to his frame if he is to excel at the NHL level. Despite putting up respectable numbers as a rookie in the AHL, his inability to cope with the tougher North American game was at times evident. Filatov will get every opportunity to crack the opening-night roster.

NBC Sports previews all 30 NHL teams. They pick the Jackets to return to the post season:

Outlook: No longer the only NHL team never to make the playoffs, the Blue Jackets still remain the only NHL team never to win a playoff game. That should change this spring with the continued maturation of their young stars, especially Nash and Mason.

Prediction: 95 points (3rd in Central, 6th seed in West)

Actually that is not true as Atlanta has also never won a playoff game.

How about some Crunch news? From Lindsay Krymer's blog:

You want changes on the Syracuse Crunch defense?

Ya got em.

Out: Andrei Plekhanov. He was pulled off the ice during the morning skate on Tuesday and told he's being loaned to a team in Russia.

In: Dylan Reese. He was signed to a two-way deal on Tuesday.

In (or at least a little more in): David Liffiton. He, too, was inked to a two-way deal Tuesday.

Reese was packing up his car Tuesday and heading here from Pittsburgh. He should be here for tonight's exhibition vs. Roch, though obviously not playing.

"I was nervous the last couple of days, for sure,'' he said. "As the weekend approached, I didn't hear much. I thought it was a process that would be over in a couple of days. It took a week. I always believed Columbus' intentions were to add me. It was just a matter of finding room.''

Liffiton skated Tuesday morning. He had been here on an AHL pact.

"They (Columbus) said if I had a good camp, that's what I would be rewarded with,'' Liffiton said. "It's nice to have that and be in their system.''

Good to see Liffiton get a contract but it looks like Plekanov's time in the Columbus system may be coming to a close..

..but probably the biggest news of the blog (also on Puck-rakers) was the following:

Also, Columbus has returned promising forward Matt Calvert to his junior team in Brandon.

Still I don't understand why they don't sign him regardless of if he plays in Brandon or not.

Speaking of looks like about 40% of you were right on the poll! FTR I chose the junior route as well.

Finally a little Ohio State hockey news for ya. Junior John Albert has been named to the preseason all CCHA second team. Albert had a team high 28 assists last season.

..but where is my boy Dalpe?



Rick said...

The CBJ left the desision to Calvert on where he wanted to go. Hitch addressed this during the media scrum after practice today. He said that Matt's got people talking in his ear about how dominant he'll be in Brandon, also that Brandon is hosting the Memorial Cup this year. "Hitchism" alert!!! He said he's "Cowboy strong" and anticipates him being in the fold next year, whether in the 'Cuse or with the big club.

Wally said...
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Wally said...

Not sure if anyone saw it but Skoula signed a 1 year deal with the Pens.

LTL said...

Good info Rick.

Still don't understand why they couldn't sign him and still send him back to junior.

If someone knows that answer I'd love to hear it!!


Max said...


Does it perhaps have to do with his age? Did I read correctly that he is a little old for Junior? Maybe if they sign him to a deal he'll be required to play professionally.

I like this move by Howson. He gave the kid an opportunity to go play for his home team for the Calder Cup. We're showing a lot of loyalty to this guy, and I think this is a good thing. Come contract time, he'll remember who was good to him.

As for Plekhanov, I follow Lindsey's blog (it seems I'm one of the few Jackets fans who likes to see the farm club succeed) and from what I've read this kid is a pretty lackluster defenseman. As far as I'm concearned this is just getting rid of dead weight.

rallen6469 said...

Calvert went back to Brandon for the same reason some Russians go back to Russia. The guy has family, friends and a city he loves. Calvert will be back next summer; Howson is a class act for letting the kid go home.

As for Filatov, I'm so tired of reading blogs that treat him as though he’s an outcast. What line did Crosby and Ovechkin play on in their first season? Hitchcock has at least 50 points sitting in his hands and he is worried about puck management behind the red line? Isn’t that the job of the defense and Mason?

Come on Hitch, Filatov will take care of business if played correctly. The kid has scored short handed goals in international play, give him a chance without old school bias.

The Jackets need two bonified scoring lines for any chance to beat Detroit, think about that when reviewing the tapes of last years pathetic playoff attempt.

rallen6469 said...

I forgot, Calvert went home for all the reasons I said and a chance to win the Memorial Cup, the CHL award... (as in Canada non pro)

The Calder cup is the AHL (pro) award.

JuneyMoon said...

I also read that Vancouver sent Cody Hodgson back to juniors.

You remember, last year's #2 prospect while Filatov was #1 but was on the cover of the Hockey News Future Watch edition for unexplicable reasons other than he was Canadian and Filatov was not and the Hockey News needed to sell issues.

I just have a feeling that Filatov is not going to have as rough a ride this season as everyone expects him to, further cementing his "golden boy" image that his detractors have of him.

LTL said...

I'm certainly not upset Calvert went back to junior - in fact that was the answer I selected in the poll.

I do applaud Howson for letting this kid make his own decision and I personally think it's a good one. I think this also puts Calvert in a real good position to play for Team Canada at the WJCs.

The only thing that concerns me is why he still isn't signed but as Max stated, perhaps it is an age thing.

Solid points on Filatov rallen. If Filatov keeps playing the way he did in the final two preseason games Hitch will have no choice but to play him. Still I predict him starting off similar to Brass/Voracek last season and working his way up the lineup. Those two are certainly working out and I expect Filatov to do the same in due time.

Great comments as always everyone!


SoupDog said...

Here is Puck Daddy's view of the ESPN Power Rankings:

• ESPN's preseason power rankings are out. The Tampa Bay Lightning are the 10th-best team in the NHL. There are 22 teams better than the Columbus Blue Jackets. We have no idea how much beer hallucinogens time it took to compile this list. [ESPN]

On their site, they have a "strike through" over the "beer hallucinogens" phrase, as how to make their point of WTF

Neal said...

Filatov has been practicing with the Vermette/Voracek line the past two days. Just saying...

LTL said...

That is a very good sign for Filatov Neal. We'll see if he sticks with that on opening night.. or better yet, we'll see how long he sticks with that on opening night ;)

I also saw Hejda is back with Commodore... I wasn't much of a fan of Commie/Russell pairing so I'm glad to see that change for now.. Of course the pairings will probably get shuffeled again once Stralman arrives..


CBJ_Nut said...

Totally different post from the above, but I watched the Rich Nash "on the couch" video (thanks for posting that) with an interesting set of reactions. First, I was so damn proud of hearing Rick say what he has always said since his signing about the city, the franchise, the fans, ownership, etc. I am just so damn happy and proud he is our Captain and a Blue Jacket. I never tire of hearing him say those things.

Second, I was struck by just how poised, confident, and polished a young man he has become. I can certainly recall the day he was picked in the draft and the early days (and shaky interviews) here in C-bus. My, how he is maturing before our very eyes. What a treat to be able to watch a superstar get his start here and mature into what we all hope and expect will be a future Hall of Famer. What a great privilege really. That’s what makes sports fun. GO NASH! GO JACKETS!!

LTL said...

Excellent post CBJ Nut...! couldn't agree with you more!!