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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sweet tweet

I'm a little late to this party but if you follow twitter you'll definitely want to follow BlueJacketsNHL. If you do you'll get behind the scenes pictures like these:

The new Big Red Machine? #CBJ d-man Mike Commodore prior to B... on Twitpic

It's cold inside Nationwide Arena. Main ice is getting ready ... on Twitpic

#CBJ goalie Steve Mason in studio with Woody & The Wake-Up Ca... on Twitpic



jemhuff said...

Jackets TV also posted the pre-game pitch and the in-game interview from that game. Highly recommended.

Pat LaBute said...

Nice work on thes blog, keep up the good work. It's one of the only solid jackets blogs out there.

the Jester said...

Commmodore was really cool at the Reds game. He was knocking around the ball in BP and was very polite and well spoken in the broadcast booth later. Love him!

LTL said...

Thank for the heads up Jem. I'll also link those vids back to this blog later today.

Appreciate the great feedback Pat. Those kinds of positive really really motivates me to keep this thing churnin -- well that and I just have a lot of fun doin it!

Honestly Jester.. is there a more engaging personality in all of sports than Mike Commodore? As I've said before the dude just gets it and I could listen to him all day!