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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pic of the day

This is a Brassard wallpaper a reader sent in.

To view it full size follow this link.

..and no trust me it wasn't me.. I have the artistic skills of a 2 year old. Matter of fact that may even be to big of a compliment.

As always.. any pics of anything Columbus hockey related anyone would like me to post just shoot em over to

Also as Ryan points out, there is some good hockey coverage on today. They haven't gotten to the Jackets preview yet but should in the next few days.

Check it out here.



Patrick said...

Kind of a small wallpaper... can you link the full-size pic?

LTL said...

Workin on that now for you Patrick. Will let you know as soon as I hear back.


LTL said...

Please check the post Patrick as I just updated it with a link to the full size pic.



Mase1 said...

Yeah, well, don't get too excited about Burnside's predictions - in his column, that dope's alredy predicted a big step backwards for the CBJ.

Let's not forget: This is the same moron who picked the CBJ to finish 13th in the Western Conference.

This is all about him and his massive ego, missing badly in his pre-season prediction, last year.

This is also the same knucklehead who, the Sunday before the CBJ clinched making the SC, who said there's no way they're gonna get in.

If you look at any insight from anyone at the 4-letter word, listen to Bucci - he, Melrose and Barnaby are about the only folks there - EJ Hradek was another real beaut (now with XM, and has changed his stance on the CBJ).

Max said...

Welp, I've got a new backdrop. Good thing the picture fades into gray. No goofy border! I hope Brass is ready cuz he's going to be a superstar. Voracek sounded like a beast tonight, and he and Filatov seemed to have good chemistry!