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Thursday, September 17, 2009

C'est la vie

Looks like Manny Malhotra has finally found a home. Numerous reports have him signing with the San Jose Sharks.

If that is indeed the case we know why he was waiting around so long to sign. Clearly there were some discussion with the Sharks but they couldn't make a move until the Heatley domino fell.

It will be very interesting to see what he signs for especially since according to the Sharks only have $690,000 worth of cap space.

Regardless it's good to see Manny land on his feet somewhere. I'm sure this wasn't the way he pictured the offseason going once the regular season concluded.

We'll see Manny in a Shark uni 3 games into the season on October 8th. Hopefully he doesn't transform in a Jacket-killer.

Puck-daddy has Nikita Filatov ranked #8 in their top 10 rookies to keep an eye on this season:

8. Nikita Filatov(notes), Winger, Columbus Blue Jackets

Besides being one of Puck Daddy's favorite interviewees, Filatov's an explosive offensive player who is going to push for time on the Jackets' second line. His threats about bolting for the KHL aside, Filatov should be up with the BJs this season in some capacity, and he's certainly a player that can create his own offense no matter what line he's on.

He's got to be on any pre-season rookie list but you know there will be a couple of players that come out of nowhere (ala Mase and Versteeg last season) to make a case for the Calder.

Thanks to Kevin for sending that one in.

Finally keep an eye on TSN over the next couple of days. They are over half-way through their 30 teams in 30 days look and have yet to cover the Jackets.

Thanks to Stephen for the heads up.



Ed said...

just wanted to show you this link pretty funny

Max said...

Love the post. Funny how Toronto is talking about not knowing what playoffs are!

As far as Malhotra goes, it'll be interesting to see what his deal is worth. It'll be funny when he's making a mil or less!

BZArcher said...

He's not actually signed - looks like he's on a pro tryout agreement. Makes me think they're going to need to demote someone (or someones!) before he can sign.

the Jester said...

Best of luck to Manny. It's sad to see him go, but I'll take Vermette and Brassard et all. Always a gentleman, always a great interview. It's a shame his career hasn't panned out like it should have, but he'll always be one of my all time faves.