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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stat of the day

These stats are courtesy of Eplagge and I thought he made an excellent point that I didn't want to get lost in the comments of another post:

Here's some good stats regarding PP (regular season):

Best team: 90 goals (25.5%)
Average: 62 goals (about 18-19%)
CBJ: 41 Goals (12.7%)

Our average goals per game for and against were 2.68 & 2.72. Tt doesn't get much tighter then that !!

If we become an average PP team.. we would have 21 extra goals.... !!!! you do the math.. .PP is the key for the upcoming season.. if we don't bring in reinforcements we need to find a setup that works with the current pieces quickly... 21 goals for a 0.02 goal differential team is HUGE....

Regular season single game tickets went on sale today. Hopefully you Jackets fans out there are buying up that Pittsburgh game because that could easily become a home game for the bad guys.

Also rumor has it the logos are getting painted on the big ice today and that a certain Jacket Backer member will be partaking.... check out the Jacket Backers web site for more details!



snappy said...

No rumors. I was at Nationwide today (9/3) at about 6:30pm to pick up my Mason-autographed picture (for paid-in-full season ticket holders) and saw the very first layer of water being sprayed on the concrete floor of the rink. Wow, was that a special treat!! So, folks, it is happening. Fresh new ice is going down for the new CBJ season. Carry the Flag!! Oh, yah.... (Mase seemed to be in good spirits given that he was fairly busy signing. Guy looks so young!)

SoupDog said...

Went to NW Wednesday to get tickets (season ticket holder) for the Pittsburgh game, and was told that it was nearly sold out - the day before public sale started. My guess is that brokers (with season tickets) bought tons for "scalping" purposes. Expect a sellout - and lots of Pens fans who paid a premium to a broker.