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Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 1 camp vids

A BIG thanks to David for sharing those.

On a related video note a big thumbs down to the usher/security/whatever who rudely approached a fan sitting near me and demanded that she shut off her video camera. Dude this is a pre-season practice... these are the die hards.. these are the people you want to keep happy... who gives a hoot if they video tape a free open to the public practice? We want more people at these things, not less. We want more coverage, not less. We want to keep fans happy who take their time to come support the team, not piss them off.

These are the folks who fork over thousands a year to support the team... the folks who bring their friends and tell their friend's friends how great and how much fun this game is.. they are the ones in the trenches doing what they can to help grow the fanbase.... the grassroots. To pick a fight over something so harmless is just unnecessary and burns me up on what was otherwise such a great event.

I understand copyrights, rules, etc, etc... but c'mon man.. use your judgement.

I'll have some thoughts on the first day of camp a little later today.



Stephen said...

I was thrilled with this event. I only regret being able to be there Sunday morning. Great to see the ice haus full of fans. Plus, you can see the kids loved being against the glass, and seeing their CBJ real close.

Great idea. Hopefully this becomes an annual event.

the Jester said...

These are fantastic videos! Ohhh boy I can't wait!!!