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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Video gameday that is. Not sure about that rest of ya but I'll be paying Best Buy a visit at lunch today to pick up the latest copy of EA's NHL 10. I believe 2KSports releases NHL 2K10 as well today.

Great news reported yesterday about Vermette being close to extending.

This is a deal that had to get done as the Jackets just don't have many options down the middle of their lineup. If they let Vermette walk who takes his place? They can't afford to overpay a Marleau or a Jokinen should they hit free agency this offseason and quite frankly I wouldn't want them too anyways.

For Vermette he'll get some nice security in what is a very unpredictable climate for unrestricted free agents.

He's said to be streaky but it's a solid risk. I expect him to hit around 50 to 60 points playing in the top 6 and getting 2nd unit PP time.

Look for him to sign close to what RJ Umberger got which was in that 4 year 15 mil range.

Anyone else catch the Islanders/Canucks pre-season game last night on the NHL Network? I recorded it as I want to see what this Tavares kid is all about.

...not very excited about seeing a what-should-have-been-Jacket in Christian Erhoff in a Canuck sweater however.

The R Bar is have a pre-season listening party tonight. That's right I said "listening" as it appears the Jackets have once again failed to take advantage of basic technology and stream these games live over the net. Personally I just don't get it.

They will be blasting the radio coverage of tonight's game as well as playing a brand new Jackets tribute video from the one and only Skraut on the big screen prior to the puck dropping.

If you're out and about stop on in.

As far as the real game tonight.... I'll have a Jackets Game Box previewing the tilt against the Pens a little later today.



aault said...

Vermette is signed. 5 year deal... just saw it on Twitter.

JuneyMoon said...

If you're looking for Tavares in your tape, you'll be disappointed. He didn't play. Shirokov looked good, though.

Also, according to the Blue Jackets twitter (which immediately went down), Vermette has signed a 5year extension.

LTL said...

Bummer about Tavares June.. thx for heads up though.

Great news about Vermette Dru! As I said in the post they had to do this as we have nothing in the pipeline at the center position.

$$ looks about what I was expecting and the term was about a year longer but that's fine. I believe he'll be 32 coming out of that contract which is just past his prime.


aault said...

I think the important thing is that Howson has a plan and has locked up the top 3 centers this offseason. Brassard/Vermette/Pahlsson is set in stone for the next three years.

Even if you don't like the term or the money in the Vermette deal you have to appreciate the blueprint that Howson is trying to craft.

LTL said...

Excellent point.

This team has lacked any kind of foundation up the middle for.. well.. forever.

It may not be Crosby/Malkin but Brassard/Vermette/Pahlsson sure is light years better than anything we've ever had up to this point.


Stephen said...

If you look at the end of next season, we'll have to consider Raffi, Russell, and Rusty, with Modin coming off. None of them will be major contracts. I guess next season we'll be looking at these 3, plus Vorachek, and Mason.

I like that Scott has basically put the next 2-3 in place with a ton of upside.