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Thursday, April 9, 2009

X marks the spot!



tom said...

WOW...they really did it! That 'x' might be the most beautiful thing I've seen in months! Bring on the playoffs! The Columbus Blue Jackets are PLAYING FOR THE STANLEY CUP!

GreenKat said...

In the post-game they were talking about how sweet this was for the original PSL holders. And while I understand that they had more of a financial investment in the team than I have had, I was in grad school at the time and could never had hoped to have afforded a PSL. On the other hand, I have one of the limited edition pucks from the rally at Nationwide Plaza after the franchise was awarded, and had even voted for the arena issue before that. So tonight's clinching felt like a vindication of my emotional investment in the team since before Day One. Seeing this moment makes me happier than words can express.

Andrew said...

I think we have come full circle from playing our first ever game against the hawks to now, clinching going to the playoffs by beating the hawks......I'll drink many for you Mr Mac!


Brochu said...

I think this is going to expand the Blue Jacket brand in Columbus. Especially if they do some damage in the playoffs. I can't wait to see what Mason and Nash are capable of.

Chris said...

Is it the 15th yet? :)

Anonymous said...

I've had something of a small email correspondence going with Bruce Garrioch which I've documented here - it started when his preseason Power Rankings had the Jackets dead last in the NHL.

The whole thing is documented here:

Go Jackets. :D

Douglas said...

1 - Thank you Nash!
2 - Thank you Howson & Hitch!

I have to say that I was one of the non-believers last night - I felt good about our chances of clinching, but not against Chicago @ United. So sorry, boys, for the lack of faith! Thanks for proving me wrong!!

Kudos to the Dispatch for making the Jackets playoff berth their top story online - it's about time this team was taken seriously.

Douglas said...

PS @ vigsi
I read your emails to that lamebrain power ranker. Good job on calling him out not only on the Jackets, but on Vancouver, Ottawa and Anaheim.

What a fraud.

JAL said...

Great to watch all of the praise on NHL Network last night, after DirecTV shut off the feed partway through the post-game show.

Shameless bit of self-promotion here, but check out my article on the game at Inside Hockey

Go Jackets!

A Shot From The Point

Tom said...

As an outsider (Bruins fan) I just want to say: enjoy the feeling that you have right now. There's literally nothing else like it. The first time only happens once, and for the time being you're undefeated in the playoffs.

Every other playoff run will be a little different because you'll be a little more cynical... but this one time there's a pure joy around the process that can only be exceeded by actually winning the Cup. Soak it up while it lasts!